30 August 2014

Missing Cat Cluster in Pennsylvania

Missing cats in localised clusters are happening in Pennsylvania USA.

More than 20 cats went missing in a nine-road section of Pine Ridge Estates in Bushkill between late July and mid-August, according to a resident who has been in contact with neighbours who reported their cats missing.

A resident who lost two cats within 14 days of each other said "As I continued searching, I realized other cats went missing during the same time frame mine did, I'm 49 years old and I've been taking in strays all my life. I've never lost any cats or had any run away. I'm heartbroken."

From my own experience these cats are totally gone, never to be seen again, a complete and utter disappearance. Almost as if they never existed in the first place. It is always the same; the large number of cats are not noticed until owners start looking for them and come up against other cat owners all searching for their missing cats within the same area. The real number of localised missing cats will probably never be known as not everyone reports a missing pet and that is not taking into account the number of strays.

This is happening in clusters all over the world. Take notice people. Something sinister is happening. STRANGE animal mutilations are everywhere, the bodies are piling up. The problem is becoming worse.

The truth won’t be hidden forever, one day we will know what is really happening. In the meantime cover yourselves and your pets with prayer – it certainly can’t hurt.

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The following story is real. It happened in 2005 Evansville Indiana USA. The at knew that something evil was about.
"I was watching television and I heard something outside on the porch deck. I thought maybe there was somebody outside. So I walked slowly over to the back door leading to the deck and checked to see if it was locked. It wasn’t so I locked it. I then sat on the couch to look out the row of windows to see if someone was on the deck outside and then I looked to see if somebody was in the yard behind our house. All of a sudden a beam of circular light appears 6 feet away from me onto the deck. It was about 1 foot in diameter. The beam was not like a flashlight or a dull porch light. It was bright white almost too bright I couldn’t even see the color of the deck anymore. I watched one of our cats run around one of the lights as if it was scared. Then another light appeared exactly the same as the first, the second beam of white light appeared about 3-4 feet from the first beam of light. They both were stationary, I just stared and I had no clue what these lights were, because I knew they were different than any lights I had ever seen. So I started looking up and the lights were coming from darkness in the sky right above the house. I knew what I was seeing was not possible or was very rare to ever happen, and then the thought of aliens and UFO popped in my head. I tried my best to study the beam of light and how it could be so perfect and straight. It was as if the light came from its source and then there was no trace of it leading to the circle itself but there it was a circular beam of white light. I watched the first light disappear, and after that I ran away from the windows. Now that I think about it I have a theory of what this possibly was. What if there was aliens visiting earth and the beams were there to pick them up to beam or materialize the aliens back to the ship. The cat was scared so maybe the cat sensed or saw the aliens they could have been invisible and beamed up to the UFO. Just like in Star Trek how the people would stand on the white circle to be beamed down to the surface of a planet."

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  1. Its a little like a road needing crossing point, only when there has been someone killed or maimed will they put a crossing on the road. Likewise when animal type mutilation start happening to humans and the bodies start to mount up, only then will those in power take note. I equally believe they will find some innocent person/person`s to blame before facing up to the fact they have a serious problem.To me we are all animals therefore indistinguishable to whatever phenomena is attacking our pets, quite soon this entity may pursue bigger fish, and as you know it is merciless.


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