17 August 2014

Half Cat Puppet Mutilation

Springdale, Washington County, Utah, United States is the latest town to be visited by the half cat mutilation phenomena.
“I grabbed a towel and went down there ’cause I saw he wasn’t moving,” Teresa said. “I’m a wildlife biologist, it’s my profession, and I looked at him and I just thought ‘this is so odd, because he’s not eaten on.’ He was cut in half, heart and lungs were gone, and there wasn’t a drop of blood anywhere, and he was laid there with his front paws crossed over each other. I just kept looking at him and I just thought, ‘this is too strange.’”
“It was like he had been gently laid there,” she said. “He wasn’t thrown, he wasn’t in an odd angle – it’s like, if he was alive, he would have been sleeping.”
An autopsy report was said all of the cat’s organs had been removed except for the colon; there was no blood pool and no punctures on the remaining body. The owner said there was the possibility of DNA under his claws which had been broken in its effort to escape.


For those of you not familiar with the half cat mutilation phenomena please read these articles:  

There is something non-human about these type of killings. Take into the account where one half of a cat turned up in a private rear courtyard. 

Then there was the owner who let her cat out and found it in 'puppet fashion' within the hour (link required).

Source:  https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2014/08/14/kss-mysterious-cat-mutilation-owner-seeks-answers-offers-2500-reward/#.U_D93vmSz6U

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  1. This so maddens me, there is so much the authorities could do with little expense. Why do the various veterinary associations whom are quick to take our money with extortionate costs, not put money into projects that would give us a lead into knowing who or what is the cause of this vile phenomena.Projects such as under the skin tracking implants or collar cameras, these could be used on cats in high risk areas.I`m sure a local resident would volunteer to monitor the technical set-up.There is so much we could learn, perhaps its time to put pressure on government and other groups. I do not propose sacrificing cat, but there are some cat you just cannot keep indoors.


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