26 July 2014

Harvest of Fear

Steven M Greer, MD has written a book entitled “Extra-terrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications.” He gets right to the heart of the matter with his excerpt included here at the end of the article.
Even though Dr Greer is right on a number of points, I still think there is an Alien entity/entities frequenting planet Earth that do not have our best interests at heart.

There are hell of a lot of animal mutilations and human disappearances, I would like to hear Dr Greer`s comment concerning those, and if he has any evidence pointing to the culprits, and why no one has been caught yet.

I know what Dr Greer is saying but he is only dealing with the friendly Alien, I would like to think everyone on earth is "good", but I know that is not the case, and I`m sure the same can be said for outer space. I really want to believe that peace reigns throughout the Cosmos but at this moment in time such an assumption would indeed be naive. I really think that it’s about time that Aliens with peaceful intentions should start approaching the people of this world in person. I do not think such an act would have a negative result as we once thought many years ago. We are now more ready than ever to meet any Cosmic visitors.

On this world it is quite obvious you do not go through Governments to reach the people. I look forward to the day I can look into the sky and see about 20-craft from another world hovering in the sky over every major city on Earth, that way our Governments may just have to start telling us the truth, denial would not be an option.
"It would appear that the UFO hysteria pendulum has swung full cycle: If the 1950s were the era of the gorgeous Venusians, space gods and saviours from the galactic federation, the past decade has brought us to the age of sinister "aliens" snatching mother and child alike from their bedrooms, harvesting cattle, cats, dogs and even foetuses for obviously nefarious purposes, and the collaboration of military fascists and "aliens" in a plan to dominate the Earth! For the most part, those who claim to be objective UFO "abduction" researchers, as well as UFO journalists and authors, have been swept up in this hysteria, this harvest of fear. ........
  The real victim in all this, of course: Truth.
Truth is hard to discern amid the din of hysteria and the clouds of fear currently holding sway over the UFO community. Events are prone to misinterpretation and even censure in this environment, and those facts which do survive intact are nonetheless presented with a patina of fear and paranoia. The danger in all of this is that we may perpetuate a trend which, while initially false, may create its own reality - and its own future conflicts. We must give serious thought and much reflection to this matter, for to do otherwise may result in serious and potentially catastrophic consequences for not only humanity as a whole, but for individual observers of the UFO phenomenon as well. Indeed, we do create our own reality, and we must contemplate deeply what reality may be."
The rest of his article can be read here:

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