24 May 2014

The Fear Thing


The other day something dawned on me about "Fear", using myself as a metaphor for the general populace you could say that I am always frightened by the Paranormal . The sight of a UFO would make me run and hide, the sight of an entity, big or small, would send me screaming or freeze me with utter terror, in some cases I would probably faint.

Everything Paranormal has the potential to strike fear in our hearts, but have you noticed one thing… something that really stands out… and that is the fact that you never hear of a human paranormal confrontation where we the human have scared the entity. I may be wrong but I have never seen or read a written account of someone chasing a UFO away or so terrifying a six foot ghoulish entity, that, just by the mere sight of us, makes it turn tail and run screaming back to where it came from. It is always us that do the terrified bit.

Now this makes me wonder is it all prepared for us, could there be a psychological process behind the appearance of these entities, they tend to appear out of the blue, when you least expect it your mind is thrown into total confusion, time stands still, nothing else seems to exist, for a few terrifying moments it is just you and "IT".

These events do not happen to everyone in your street they are spread out country wide, it’s as though there is a process to evenly seed the whole world with paranormal activity, to get people talking. Is someone or something trying to keep our minds sharp or to awaken us to an alternate reality, perhaps they are a natural part of human psyche, a stabiliser, just when we think we have got life sorted and we are skipping along to a delightful tune, everything is ok, life could not be any better, then "Bang!" the paranormal is in your face, it stops you settling in that false world you are creating for yourself. The smile leaves your face, your mind is forced out of stagnation, now you must resign yourself to the fact that the world and reality we occupy is much bigger than we anticipated.

So, something will not let us shut the lid on our comfort box, I suppose fear does keep us awake, could it, in a roundabout way, assure our intellectual advancement? When it comes to fear it is certainly one sided… all paranormal events seem to be about us, not the entity.

The English Cognizant Citizen

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