15 May 2014

Strange Disturbances

We miss a lot of activity above our heads simply because they ARE above our heads. I can’t help but wonder how much doesn't get the attention it deserves… 

Rolling Disk 
My son had yet another strange encounter last night, as I have explained before in his last encounter, he lives with his wife on a main road in the country. He had decided to have a workout on his 6-foot punch bag which he hangs outside his garage in a secluded position, after he lay on some matting on the floor to do some sit ups and for a few moments he looked up at the sky to view the slowly emerging stars. Suddenly something caught his eyes, about 200-foot up there was a flat matt black disc about the size of a dustbin lid; he said it was not a bin bag as it stayed flat all the time. But he said it was tumbling and rolling along on a set course for a place called Wetley Rocks, one might think it was carried by the wind but it was a very calm day right up into the night. My son does not believe a flat disc could stay aloft like that, if dropped from a plane it would just slice to the ground. But there it was, rolling and tumbling along on what appeared to be a set course, he said its height did not fluctuate at all. Without further ado he shouted his wife to quickly come and look, her words were "What! on earth is that?" they both watched it disappear into the distance, their view over the country side is good. 

We certainly have some strange events where we are, I may have a chance to meet the paranormal this weekend as I`m taking care of our sons 2-Staffordshire Bull Terriers on Friday night. I will have an excellent view of the small valley from their kitchen window where they have said on occasions they have seen strange lights and movements late at night, and sometimes their dogs seem to bark for no reason in the early hours. I hope it’s a clear night as I will sit outside and watch the sky and valley for an hour or longer. 

Weird Electrical Interference 

My son was waiting on Tesco`s large car park for his wife, as he sat there in his car being casual and just looking around, he was amazed to see the back windscreen wipers on a car in the opposite isle operate on their own, after a short while they suddenly stopped. Ten minutes later the owners came back climbed in the car and drove off, he says he has never known this to happen before. He has been around cars and mechanic friend all his life. You might say it was an electrical fault, but on the same day and the same afternoon our granddaughters television in her room (she lives with us) was wiped totally clean of all stations, this has never happened in the 4-years we have had it, my wife had to reset the TV, our TV down stairs was ok . 

I wonder just how much unusual events take place but are just brushed to one side or taken no notice of. I believe all these worldwide events are telling us that the veil is about to crumble and reveal the real world to us.
The English Cognizant Citizen


  1. As I was writing that my phone messed up and wouldn't keep writing. I wasn't out of space because I backspaced and still wouldn't let me type... Anyhow the new tv immediately did same thing and I get to say once again see I told you so. I was at dollar store other day and electric door kept opening for no reason. Oh and the microwave turned on yesterday for no reason. I'm not creeped out it's just I'm the only one noticing or putting two and two together.

  2. It is making me rewrite first post so this is shortened. The majority of the world is blind. My tv turns on and changes channels by itself all the time. Sometimes the screen would go

  3. Fuzzy. It was helpful during the times my husband was trying to make me wa something I really didn't want to see :)

  4. Watch not wa... I'm never commenting on this again. I've never had my phone not let me type.....

  5. Hi Rachel, I`m so pleased you took the time to tell of these incidents.Only the other day I text my son to tell him of the odd jobs I had done around his property while he was at work ( I do this once a week). I dully listed the jobs,the last one being that I had cut the grass.When my son received the text the last bit read "I have cut the top of the Pyramids and they have the West coast". The amazing thing is the only text I sent about Pyramids to my son was 2-months ago and since then my wife cleared all my messages of my phone, so where did the old text come from,is it still in my phone ? in the ether or still on the communications satellite?
    That is not all Rachel, Friday just gone I had been to take the dog for a walk, on returning my wife told me that our TV had been wiped clean and she had to reset it. This has not happened in the 6-years we have had it, we like you have also had involuntary channel changes. Again the strange thing is I wrote in Strange Disturbances that this phenomena of the TV being wiped clean happened to our granddaughters TV upstairs weeks earlier. So my question is why does whatever causes this not effect all TV`s in the house at the same time.
    There is something truly strange going on. Please Rachel keep reporting any more communication incidents and ask you friends to do the same,we may find out that this phenomena is world wide.
    Yours Sincerely
    The English Cognizant Citizen

  6. I do believe it happens worldwide. I've read many stories but don't speak openly often. Last time I remember speaking to a human about anything he talked to his sister about it and she diagnosed me with bipolar disorder because she is an accountant at a hospital. That offended me so much. My family is filled with doctors and nurses and I am very well read. I think if there was something wrong with me someone would have noticed. Back to my experiences in this house, it may be because my husbands dad lives here with us on his dresser. My husband has had to learn to deal with the fact that I try to make sure that area is treated with respect. But there were times when a kid would come take an ornament or the cloth covering lol. I told him it may be silly but I don't know and I sure don't wanna find out. I've never lived in a house with an urn and it's unheard of in my family. So for the past few years all I have done is observed the occurrences and moved on. I refuse to go to a doctor and get myself a disease when I'm fine. Pill does not equal better. They also believed I was bipolar because I always thought I was fine god is with me. He is now learning to deal with that. My occurrences in other places have no explanation. Like me getting shocked by appliances. I have stood away from the microwave for years and people find it weird. I couldn't use the old cordless phones because if get shocked picking it up or putting it down. It happens so often I forget that it may be a weird occurrence also. Maybe I should try to write it all down someday. I haven't already because I never really wanted be labeled crazy.


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