10 May 2014

Precise and Deliberate Incisions

Summer is on the way and cat disappearances and killings are already taking place in New York and Florida. 

New York

"A disturbing find in New York was 30 plastic bags hanging from tree branches in the woods off Overlook Terrace. The gruesome discoveries were made by workers when they arrived to clean up an abandoned lot in the Yonkers area of New York this week. Police have confirmed they are investigating the bizarre killings.The bags were the flimsy plastic kind bodegas use, were neatly tied around branches as if someone was hanging a line of laundry. About 25 dead cats of various ages and in different stages of decomposition — including some skeletal remains — were found in the bags. Each bag appeared to have contained one cat, although wildlife appeared to have ripped open five or so of the bags, spilling the dead cats out. Most of the cats appeared to have been dead prior to being put into the bags because any cat would have been able to claw its way out. Officials are still working to determine whether all of the dead cats were feral. Experts were due to conduct autopsies on the animals yesterday".
I have my suspicions about this story even if it looks as though a human is responsible, why go to the time and expense to conduct autopsies if the cats were hanging in the normal sense. Are they looking for something related to the half cat mutilations? Something we do not know about? I would have thought they would have just labelled the incident the work of a sadist and after a half-hearted investigation filed it and moved on.

As usual the story lacks detail for the serious investigator of animal mutilations.
The English Cognizant Citizen


"Two Lakeland neighborhoods in Florida are in cat lock down because of a serious threat to their pets. So far three cats have been found mutilated and several other cats in the area have been reported missing. Two of the cats were cut in half, likely done with a knife or another sharp object. Investigators do not think an animal such as a coyote caused the injuries, because the cut incisions appear deliberate and precise. The police said that this is the bizarre, sadistic stuff that they don't want to hear. That's why they're out in full force trying to resolve it and going door-to-door questioning neighbors, looking for answers and clues that could lead them to the cat killer."
Note where is says several other cats in the area have been reported missing. I wonder if the incident would have made the newspapers at all if no bodies were to be found. Maybe the police should also be looking into the cats that have mysteriously disappeared and take into consideration the unreported number which must surely be much greater.

Whats taking our cats?

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