20 May 2014

Nephilim Demons and the Ukraine

One really has to wonder what we are dealing with. Some time back Gordon Duff spoke of Africa for Aliens, since then it's never been out of the news. 
What most people probably do not know is that where the May 2nd Odessa Ukraine tragedy started was in Greek Square in which located there are a number of nephilim giant statues. Most people just think they are statues of mythological Greek gods. They were not gods and they were not myths. They were the offspring of the mating of fallen angels and earth human women. When these nephilim were born they grew up to become giants. When the food ran low they killed and ate people. Nephilm lived like others at that time to be 800 to 900 years old before they died. But God condemned they to become evil demonic spirits to wander the earth until the final days. The demons obtain their food or energy from human fear, rape, torture, murder and suicide. They want and need to inhabit human bodies to feed on this fear. Demons can be in a family for four generations. The current Ukraine nationalists are the offspring of fathers and grandfathers who sided with Hitler and the Nazis and mass murdered tens of thousands of Polish and Ukrainian people in the west during WW II….Demons can remain in a family for four generations. So it is likely that the fathers and grandfathers of the current Ukraine nationalists were possessed by demons and the same demons are possessing the current generation. Demons can also possess objects such as statues, relics of various types, jewelry and any number of things and including animals. It is very likely that demons were in the Greek square nephilim giant statues and were feeding off of the fear, and fighting and were in the bodies of the criminals who raped, beat, gassed and burned alive the victims in the Odessa massacre. 
When you look at the mindless slaughter taking place in Odessa, who could commit such acts without feeling or remorse? I may be wrong but I find it difficult to believe any human could do such things, could they actually be right when they blame Demons. I do not care how much happiness there is in the world today, war and every day fear far outweigh anything good, no matter what media you consult, 90% will generate fear of some kind or another.

Take the advertising on TV, we are now subjected to all forms of illness we might have, today`s paper tells us we could die early if we argue too much, a week ago they printed a centre piece on the diseases and afflictions you could be in danger of succumbing to if your skin colour was black or white, they listed all diseases in detail, I could go on and on.

So what is it with this "Fear" thing, why are we given daily doses? is it indeed for us to generate energy for some parasite to feed on, we may look happy but in our minds fearful things lurk, put there by what I believe is an evil controlled media consisting of TV, Films, Games, Magazines and Newspapers. What was the real purpose of the last 2-wars and why are some people hell-bent on causing a 3-world war. Chance whatever the political reasons for those wars were, is there another reason? The loss of life and suffering in the 1st and 2nd world war does not bare thinking about. We learnt nothing , we still merrily carry on fighting today driven by some unseen force. 

So again were those 2-wars a big boost in fear energy for our parasite stalker? Were they able through the energy generated from these 2-big wars to gain a better foothold in our dimension, after hundreds of years of turning humankind against one another with wars and battles for their purpose of sucking on our life force? Are they now ready for the final push? Would a 3rd world war open the gate fully, to allow them not just periodic intervention but a full blown invasion of our dimension, is this what Revelations talks of in the Bible. Just think of the fear energy 6-billion humans would generate, it would truly become the kingdom of the Devil. 

It seems no matter where the fighting is today there is always a murderous group or groups that suddenly appear on the scene and they walk around invisible to any authority, committing atrocities, trying to drive events in a particular direction. Are these the parasitical Demons that have walked the centuries waiting for the day to be joined with those entities beyond the dimensional gate? Is their intent; to finally turn humankind against itself so we destroy all life, but in the process allow this parasite to gorge itelf on our fear, leaving a desolate and dead planet, while it has a whole new Universe to feed on.

That is why we must never let the 3-war take place, that gate must never open. Thankfully there are chosen ones working toward keeping the gate shut. 

The strange thing is, with writing this, I can see that I too am in the process of generating Fear. Perhaps we all have a Demon in us.


  1. In the Book of Revelation
    the kingdom of satan actually
    fails miserably.

    People want security and deliverance from fear-
    they take the Mark and get quite the opposite....
    In THIS world.

    Fear-mongering media have
    entirely twisted the terms
    and "Apocalypse" into everything except for what they really mean.

    I'm speaking of the words themselves and NOT interpretation.

    Revelation and Apocalypse mean the same thing-
    The "unveiling",

    The Title verse of Revelation directly says,
    "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave..."
    -Revelation 1:1

    It is all about The Revelation
    of Christ-
    NOT the revelations of all of the other events that everyone gets
    so distracted by.

    As for "apocalypse",
    it is from the Greek word
    it is the same Greek word that is translated "Revelation".


    In fact,
    The Book of Revelation in the Spanish Bible
    is called "Apocalipsis".

    As for "Armageddon",
    it is NOT a worldwide war-
    It is only found once in the Bible.

    Revelation 16:16.

    It is a local battle
    (massive,but local)
    named for the place where it is fought-

    Again these are not interpretations,
    I'm sticking to the facts of the words themselves.

    I will not this though about
    the worldwide danger there in chapter 16 is the global earthquake immediately AFTER
    "there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great."

    As described,
    with mountains and island moving out of place
    (and the ensuing tidal waves) coupled with hundred pound hailstones WORLDWIDE,
    who needs nuclear war?

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