7 February 2014


An extract from the introduction on page three of EXO-VATICANA says the Universe is finite and there is a limit as to how small we can go. They then go on to say we discover that our physical reality is actually a virtual digital simulation! This entire Universe now appears to be a subset within the metacosm.

"Time" is a fascinating subject, we talk about "Time" a great deal throughout the day, "Time" for this or "Time" for that, our life is controlled by something that has no substance. "Time" has no solid state, we can move along water because it has a solid state, we can fly because even though invisible to us the air we fly on has a solid state. But "Time" is different, you cannot touch it, you cannot grasp it, you cannot waft your hand through it, and the reason for that is "Time" does not exist, we, humankind invented "Time" to bring order to our existence so therefore before we invented it there was no "Time" everything would just be "Now". For "Time" to exist it must be observed, for anything to exist it has to be observed by a consciousness which is us.

 Someone said Past Present and Future are happening now all at the same instant think about this. On the other side of the Universe separated from us by millions of Light-years someone is doing the washing up, at that exact same moment I`m taking our dog for a walk. Even though we are separated by thousands of "life times" in distance, both actions of dish washing and walking the dog happen at the same moment, as would many more actions throughout the Universe. Dishes washed, dog walked, Sun`s explode, Asteroids fly by, worlds collide, and with no clock to organise and put events in order, everything happens at once. It’s only with the application of time do things become, should I say, difficult. We suddenly separate events with time and distance, I walked the dog December 20th 2013 at 2-30pm, my dishwasher friend washed the dishes a million years ago, take away time and everything happens in an instant.

"Time" is a creation of humanity, it cannot exist in a separate state, for "Time" to have any substance, we need to be there to implement and observe it.

Is time travel possible? My answer would be no! Because how can you travel through something that does not exist. Look at it this way, life is a sequence of events, whether I walk the street or sweep the floor or just sit and meditate, there are zillions of, let’s say, photo`s (atoms) making up every action of me just existing. I will put it this way, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, now watch the bubbles, when they reach the surface in the glass they pop, that pop would be my sixty plus years of existence, it would begin and end in an eternal "Now". I think I would be right in saying the whole of creation would begin and end in the same way. So if "Time Travel" does not exist how can I get from, let’s say this Wednesday to last Wednesday, it has to be through "Dimensions", no time can be involved, just! stepping through.

If past present and future are happening at the same instant, then that means everything ever thought, said and made has been done, remember the lemonade bubble. That would be the Earth`s life, I suppose to the size of the Universe, Earth`s existence our history and our future would begin and end like a bubble popping in lemonade.

Let’s think about a computer game, in that game is past present and future, the scene is set , you create an avatar and proceed to move it through events set out in the game. It’s as though you are the God and you command your avatar creation to move through an existence that has been created for it. Is this what we humans are , avatars, someone else`s plaything? We think we have free will, or are we still being played even with free will, is that it, does our creator set the scene, gives us a starting point, continually hints at the direction to go but to make the game less predictable introduces free will.

I have always noticed that whatever we build we base it on our own bodies, if we build a car or a building we first create a skeleton of steel, then we apply the skin as in roof walls, windows (eyes) and doors (mouth ears etc) , and then we insert the organs to make the construction work . First the nervous system is installed ( the electrics) these are connected to such places as the Head Office (the brain) lights, computers (part of the nervous system) automatic doors etc. The layout of our country for example shows that it mirrors the construction and working of our bodies. The roads are blood vessels which transport life giving nourishment (food) through the country, our communication systems are our nerves that let you know what`s going on throughout the land, our cities are central nervous systems, and the capital city is the brain, go on any Google map and you will understand. The country works to survive as a whole, if things go wrong and there is an accident on a road (blood vessel) we send for the antibodies (police and ambulance) to clear the road (blood vessel) we duplicate our bodies without realizing it. So do we do the same when we create various video games, without realizing it, are we duplicating the construction of our creation? Are we indeed made up of pixels on a Universal Computer Screen, and do not forget we can pass to different areas of our X-BOX game by transporting electronically, through the flick of a switch, and hey-presto we are in another zone of the game, a sort of electronic dimensional travel, no "Time" involved, so is it the same for us.

I have always felt our concept of "Time" was a hindrance to understanding the Universe and even to understanding paranormal events, consider animal mutilations, you can never put a time on your cats death, we say "Look what happened last night" or "It must have happened an hour ago" we are horrified and puzzled to find our cat cut into. We are at a loss to think who would do this and why. Now think of this, what do we do with the console games we create? We put things in to confound the player, to puzzle, to make him think, to make the game interesting. If indeed everything we create is based on our bodies, then surely if I create a mind game, which is any console game of your choice, then I am duplicating how my mind understands the Universe. Life may not exactly be a game but it may be laid out in a similar fashion. .

So are most paranormal events "life game puzzles", I do not know, but I`m sure of one thing, we have to try to understand the Universe without using "Time", we have to start exploring the concept of stepping from one dimension to another, no "Time" involved. So are most paranormal events "life game puzzles", I do not know, but I`m sure of one thing, we have to try to understand the Universe without using "Time", we have to start exploring the concept of stepping from one dimension to another, no "Time" involved. "Time" keeps us prisoner, a new approach is needed, perhaps our mind and brain are the ultimate machine for jumping Dimensions. Take the game Skyrim, for example, one feels as though one has been out for the day, but, instead we have been right there in the game. So one day, just by using our minds, will we be able to enter other Dimensions for a short period, to become entities ourselves, to appear and disappear at will. We ultimately might find that the answers to paranormal events are within ourselves

I have only just started reading EXO-VATICANA, it looks like a very interesting and thought provoking book with 557 pages of reading. Petrus Romanus is a good book in its own right if you are interested in Vatican history; the chapters I found more up my street so to speak were 16, 17, 18. It did give me an insight into the goings on in the Vatican, but to me EXO-VATICANA is far superior and more on my level.  

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