1 February 2014

Mind Control Feeding Frenzy


I have read a lot of stuff that would make a good many people want to run and hide. I can understand why certain people are affected mentally by some of the information they read about Aliens and the end of the world. I think the trick is not to hang on to what you read, this being because so much has been predicted, and doomsday events planted in our minds then nothing happens and the days and years just roll on by. This is not to say something sometime or other will not happen, I think it will, but what it will be I have no idea.

On the one hand you have the ultimate cataclysm to befall planet earth, and on the other you have Gordon Duff giving us information that they are preparing Africa for an Alien race! We are told they want to kill us off with viruses , why not let the cataclysm do it for them; not only that a virus could kill millions in days, that`s one hell of a lot of human flesh to tidy up, the outcome for such an act would be catastrophic even for the perpetrators of such events.

All that I know is that the pieces of the puzzle are there on the table in front of us, so why can we not put it together, perhaps there are two puzzles on the table all mixed up; now that would really mess with your head especially if the colors were the same. That`s probably what we have; Aliens, Asteroids, Comets, Rough Planets, The Plans of the Elite, Catastrophic Earth Changes , All Manner of Paranormal Events and the color of the puzzle is Fear!

Fear is an emotion and a control mechanism, Humanity is wakening up but a lot of people (if they viewed the subjects listed in the previous sentence) would turn away because they do not like the color. An example came from my son, he was trying to explain to a work colleague, a man in his early 50`s, that it looks like they have been using mini nuclear weapons in Syria. This gentleman would not hear of it, he said "They do not have mini nuclear weapons". This man would not even read the evidence that my son encouraged him to look at; he told my son he was mad to even think such devises were used.

Sometimes I wonder if we are playing into the hands of that hidden controller, with our writings are we actually sorting the mystery out or just adding more pieces to the already same-colored puzzle, is that why we are encouraged to keep writing and theorizing on all manner of strange events, the more theories (pieces) on the floor the more the real picture of the puzzle stays hidden. Anyway who started all this? Who put it in my head that something was going on? I have always believed that life existed throughout the universe, but how did I get to this belief? My simple Alien fascination has gone in many ways, very political. Do I write and theorize because that is what I want to do or does the machine direct me write and theorize? When the phone rings do I pick up the receiver to see who is on the other end because I want to, or am I being told to?

I have noticed that since the computer came into my life about eight years ago, I have looked up at the night sky less does this mean I have become a prisoner of the machine? I do not look for UFO`s in the sky anymore I look for them on the machine and I seriously think about the information it feeds to me. The Television calls me, the Phone calls me, the Parking Meter calls me, the Cash Machine calls me, the Ticket machine on the bus calls for my Bus Pass. There are cars that can now drive around town and you do not have to do a thing other than sit back and enjoy the scenery, how long before the Machine has no further use for us? Millions of people are becoming long term prisoners of the Machine. More and more technology is presented to the human race each day, will we one day become the computer and in turn will the computer become us.

Perhaps we should take a couple of days off a week from our computers, perhaps I should make a greater effort to look at the night sky just to show the machine it does not control me completely.

But the question is "Will it let me?.

The English Cognizant Citizen 

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  1. It has as much power over you as you give it.

    No one is twisting your arm-


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