10 December 2013

What's behind the Bristol Alien hoax?

By chance I saw Eammon Holmes on Sky News. They did a topic on the Bristol Alien creature where the creators of the hoax were 2-young men complete in suits and all smiles. They constructed the hoax to promote a new mysteries show called "Happenings".

The idea from what I have seen is to trick people into believing they are witnessing something strange, they aired an example where a crop circle appeared instantly in a field after UFO light effects. By the response of the witnesses some were un-nerved by the event, the young men concerned wanted to give people a feeling of what it would be like to be part of a scene from a film and feel as though it was real, only to dash their feelings of wonder and fear when it is revealed as a hoax.

Where have these young men come from? They do not look old enough to have worked and saved money for such a project so must they have sponsors, unless they came into money. This show has been in the planning for a while, why would they want to produce a show that makes people look fools? Is it to test peoples reaction to possible Alien contact by staging various paranormal events, or is it to tell everyone they would be stupid to believe in Aliens or anything else paranormal?

The 2-young men were all smiles, I had the feeling they were "front men" for someone else`s plans? Why do they not put money into filming real paranormal events… I suppose making fools of people is easier. We also had a classic remark off Eammon Holmes "So people see what they want to see". Eammon Holmes also said one night he thought he saw UFO`s, it was 2-hours later before he discovered they were Chinese lanterns.

To me now, it’s all a part of the "LAST CARD", so they can play their games and fool and trick people; it will all come out as planned, either by the Powers That Be or Some higher Intelligence manipulating event`s for the better. On the other hand the show could make people take more interest in the Paranormal, or is it part of a last ditch attempt to direct people away from UFO`s and the like, to muddy the waters.
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