14 December 2013


My son had a UFO experience last night; in short he could not get home the way he wanted due to excess traffic. He knows all the short cuts and back roads so he bailed out from the line of traffic and off he went. As he entered a dark lane there was a sudden flash across his wind screen, he looked, and what he saw was a bright blue white shimmering light about the size of a small car, it was travelling very fast.

He arrived home, parked the car and went inside to get a fire ready for when he picked his wife up from work. As he was going about the household he became aware of the approaching rumble of a low flying jet. He knew it was low because it made the house vibrate as it went over.  'With no more ado' he dashed outside to look, but due to the weather it was not possible to see anything, although he knew it was heavy and low and it was travelling across the country he came through.

My son later told me something he did not think too important at the time. After he ran outside to try to view the passing jet he went into his garage where he kept wood for the fire. As he was busying himself he became aware of someone walking down his drive, it was a gentleman who turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness. The Jehovah’s Witness asked my son if he could leave him with the usual magazines. My son didn't see a vehicle so took the magazines and asked the gentleman if he walking along the road as there was no footpath in existence and the traffic was too fast and deadly to be shared with a walker.  A dangerous occupation just to deliver magazines to a few houses. The Jehovah's Witness said no he was not walking and that he was driving. Well that might have satisfied an ordinary person and we all know that Jehovah Witnesses are tidy in appearance, but this man, with his briefcase, was immaculate for someone who has been out all day and sitting in a car. Something about his arrival and appearance didn't seem plausible.

It was the following day that my son started to think about the sequence of events the night before; the UFO, Jet and a visit from an immaculately dressed Jehovah’s Witness, all in a short space of time. I remembered the biblical warnings about “keeping watch” because we do not know when the time will come (Mark 13:37) and suddenly a few things seemed to make sense. 
There is probably nothing in these events, they could all be coincidence, but the latest interview with Richard C Hoagland on Red Ice radio  said he refers to comet ELENIN as "JOHN THE BAPTIST". He said John was the one who went forward proclaiming that "He was coming" and that ELENIN in 2011 was telling us the big one is on the way.
Will ISON be the trigger for a global event of Disclosure? Carol Rosin said there would be fear of ASTEROID’S/COMETS and we are well into that event, and as you know, events do not start and finish with the closing of a door, they overlap each other. So will ISON be the last, because the Alien event is moving up quite quickly, remember those in the "know" work to symbolism, ISON itself will do nothing, but it may be a trigger to start the next "Act", or does some higher force control all, even sending Jehovah’s Witnesses to deliver messages of hope. 

Again, time will tell.
The English Cognizant Citizen

Commentaries on Mark 13:37

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