9 December 2013

The Last Card

Carol Rosin
Have you noticed how the UFO situation has grown over the past decade? There are untold amounts of UFO video clips, UFO blogs, UFO lecturers, good researchers, bad researchers and numerous hoaxes, yet we still are no closer to shaking hands with an extra-terrestrial, nothing seems to happen.

So why? Well let’s take a look at Carol Rosin, as most of you know she was spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun whom was known as the Father of Rocket Science, he also led the development of the Saturn V rocket booster. Leaving all that aside Von Braun was a troubled man, and he was also a man in the "Know", in the last years of his life he told Carol Rosin of what the dark powers of this world had in-store for us and how the future years would pan out. First he said there would be a Russian problem (the cold war), then terrorists, then third world countries, then asteroids, then the final card would be the Alien card, the problem is this, Von Braun said this in the 70`s and was right on every account so who were these forces that could plan so far ahead?

Now some of you may say "Hold your horses we have not had the Alien Card yet" but that`s just it, we have, and we have been living it for the past decade! All your UFO recording, your lectures, your books, your good and bad researchers and all your hoaxes are part and parcel of the Alien Card, it’s been so in your face we could not see it. We have all been waiting for some great Alien event to happen, it will, but first we have to "Live it," and that`s what we have been doing, (living the Last Card.)

Von Braun also stated that there were off world cultures (Alien Races) and they would be identified as enemies when they are "NOT" enemies, this is so we can wage a false war and put weapons into outer space. Now think about this, there are millions of UFO stories, video clips etc on the internet and most, whether real or hoax, seed our minds with all manner of terror from the stars, unknown to us we are being convinced there are bad things in Outer Space and when the time is right they will place the Alien Card on the table. As I have said we have being living the Alien Card for the last decade and I think it will soon be "Dealt" and that`s why Carol Rosin is promoting Peace in Outerspace.

If these dark powers can plan from that far back I'am convinced they will stick to the Alien Card, but we will have to wait a little longer to see if I`m right.

The English Cognizant Citizen



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