30 November 2013

Sheep with missing back legs

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Earlier this week on the UK, TV news, we were told 3-men had been arrested for the abduction of three sheep which were found tied up with shoe laces in the back of their van, a picture was shown on the news of the sheep.

My point is this, that in the past when sheep have been found butchered by the removal of their back legs (basically halved) the media and police have always pointed to poachers taking the best parts of the animals.

I have always refuted this because of the absurdity of having to round the sheep up kill them then cut their back legs off, not get covered in blood, and not getting seen or heard, all too risky. Its far more likely that you would do what the 3-poachers attempted but failed to do, quickly grab a few sheep, chuck them in your van and get the hell out of there and hope the Police do not stop you.

The strange killing of quantities of sheep in the UK has happened on a on a number of occasions, one I have written about which happened within a mile of where I live, and another story was relaid to my wife by a lady she worked with. What those 3-men did, proved to me that human nature, if breaking the law, does things quickly, you do not run around fields chasing sheep in the dead of night even with a dog as they need to have commands shouted to them, and then hang around playing butcher, the same for half cats, for a human to do some of the things that are done to these cats then return their corpses, it is far too risky, someone would have seen something by now. Do not forget on one occasion as many as fifty sheep were found in one spot with their back legs missing.

I wonder why humans are not targeted in the same way by whatever does this. I suppose the reason is our intelligence. If we started to find human bodies piled up minus their back legs our attention would be attracted, the powers that be would be forced to do something about it. But as I have said before that if the people we elect into positions of power do not investigate the alarming subject of animal mutilation, it is because they know what is going on, and the same said when UFO`s are picked up on radar and no aircraft is sent up to investigate, "They know what`s going on" they have been told to leave things alone.
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