16 November 2013

A Virus Called Humanity

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The other day I was sitting in the garden and I noticed on our garden table there was a small creature an insect of some sort. My fascination was with the fact that it was less than a pin head in size. As it merrily went about its business it dawned on me that it was completely oblivious to the fact that "I" a gargantuan creature was situated only a couple of feet away. I had the potential to snuff its life out in an instant, and it would not have known what had hit it. But I didn’t and I wouldn’t, however it did set me thinking. I contemplated the size of the universe which was huge beyond imagination, then I thought of my little insect, when I compared him to the universe, he did not even come onto the dust scale.
I, on the other hand, along with the rest of the human race, held some sort of superiority over this world, but even so "I" in my size, compared to the universe, was also on the lower end of the dust scale.
Looking at it another way down here on earth, life is so meaningful, throughout the world life rushes around completing actions necessary for the survival of another day. Yet if you could withdraw yourself to the Moon and look back on Earth you would not know such intense activity of life was so rampant on our planet. So what`s the point of it all, compared with the universe, we mean nothing. This brings me our mystery friends, the Aliens, it is said that when the first atomic bomb was exploded, they were greatly concerned, they set about conveying there message to us through the victims of Alien Abductions. These people were shown images and visions of the world collapsing into total destruction, with the warning that we must change our ways, especially with nuclear weapons, or face the consequences of our actions. Would an atomic bomb exploding on Earth really make much difference? You only have to look at some of the power that this universe could inflict on us at any given time, then you will see where I`m coming from. An atom bomb would be just a spark compared to the world destructing power of a large asteroid, or a black hole, or a supernova. At this moment in time there is more power out there than anything we can produce, remember that a nuclear bomb going off is only effective down here on Earth. If you compare the explosion to the size of the universe, the cosmos would not even know the bomb had exploded. So what is the Aliens real concern? Explosions in the universe are common place so I do not believe that is the root of their problem, not unless the very intensity of a nuclear explosion has the capability to rupture the cosmic wall that separates us from the forces of creation that reside in a neighboring dimension.
Let me explain. I believe all life comes from the atom, if you were to ask me what came first, the seed or the flower, I would say the seed as that is the only thing that makes sense to me. Its creation was started in the secret catacombs of the atom, the process would be something a-kin to nanotechnology, in simple terms, the seed, to an observer would over a period of time seem to appear from out of nowhere, this would happen all over the world. So, what would trigger this event? It would obviously be conditions, atmosphere, water, warmth and sunlight, and then the conditions of the world would hold out its arms to the universal creator that resides in the dimension of the atom and say, "I am ready for life". Once this trigger is activated the godly elements of creation can start there wondrous work deep in the hidden world of the atom, and once the process of life has a firm foot hold on earth, it becomes self-sustaining, with the creation force keeping a low profile and occasionally introducing a new species of creatures which are discovered from time to time. But have we with our nuclear bomb experiments opened the creation process up again, big time, and now we have caused it to malfunction, and that`s why we have unwanted entities roaming our world, thanks to our meddling the creation process is getting it wrong, and is that why the Aliens are so concerned about our nuclear activities. So now we are seeing obscenities of creation, obscenities that mutilate and terrify, is that why we have no answers to our paranormal problems because to even understand them we would have to come from within. Put it this way, you cannot know the mystery of life by observing a flower, you can see and admire its beauty, but you will never understand that flower unless you come from within, from where the atoms in the seed start to split and the DNA starts its plans of construction to create a flower. Being a part of the process is the only way you would understand and know the truth of life, but for obvious reasons the creation force within the atom has restricted our access to that knowledge.
With our little games we have the potential to destroy this world, the Aliens know this and fear this, they realize our world is unique in this part of the galaxy, we are a way-station, a rest en-route and an oasis to the space traveller, and if you wish, a place to live. The Godly machinery of life does not operate on every planet, which is why they need to protect us from ourselves. Perhaps the Aliens have a deeper interest perhaps they live here already.
I am aware after writing this there are contradictions and unanswered questions, question like "Where does the human race come from?" I know it’s been said that on this world we are the odd ones out, you could remove the human tomorrow and the world of animals and insects would carry on as normal, but remove the Honey Bee and we would be in trouble. If that is true one has to wonder if our creation process, is or was, entirely different from that of animals and insects. As a certain Alien species is described as a Prey Mantis (insect like) could they actually be the creators of this Eco-system. Eons ago through an evolutionary process did a certain insect become intelligent, did it create and nurture the ultimate paradise a garden of Eden, a world strewn with vegetation, no wars, no one starving, just a paradise of fruit flowers and insects. Do not forget an insect created from the atom, would, like insects today, have the ability to look after themselves, they are natural survivors in most environments Then something went wrong, we came along, we were the spanner in the works, eventually we built machinery to clear land and forests, we decimated jungles, we did not care, we fabricated a system of existence that revolved around money and profit, we did not want a garden of Eden.
We eventually dabbled in the sciences and created the Bomb, was this the turning point for the caretakers of this planet, probably even worse we have constructed the Hadron Collider, what for, to look for the God particle, the Higgs Bosson. Who, why, where and when was this machine authorized to be built, many countries have invested millions of pounds into the project, you only invest when you know you will get a return, the big boys know something we do not. Us lesser mortals are lured along with the project with the words, "It could help us find the cure for cancer", how many times have you heard that word "Could". Wars are fought, people starve and we spend millions looking for the God particle, something we are probably not meant to find for a good while yet .Do not forget the only time large amounts of money are used is when it funds the war machine. Can you imagine the human race at this time, having knowledge and control over the forces of creation, it does not bear thinking about, someone is looking for the ultimate power, and when they have that power they will reduce the unwanted part of humanity to cosmic dust. So, if indeed the original guardians and creators of this Eco-system are insectoid, they must be sickened by what has become of their world. If everything I have theorized about is true I just hope the caretakers of what has now become a Hell Hole Planet, do not decide to look for pastures new, if they do, this Eco-system will surely collapse, which will mean the end of life on earth.
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