5 October 2013

Boys UFOs & Jets

Caverswall UK
Our son, along with his friend, had been across the fields to the Rugby club, the fields are less than a hundred yards from home. On this day in the early evening, our son and his friend burst in through the door, in their excitement they quickly explained what they had seen. They were coming home from weight training and were just about to leave the fields and come onto our housing estate, when they turned to see where our dog was when something caught their eye. In the sky to the left of them they noticed a small movement of red light, and in the next instant that red light had gone to the opposite horizon leaving a red line across the sky for a few moments; the same effect of waving a child`s sparkler on bonfire night.

We quickly ran to the fields. The boys just had time to point from horizon to horizon as they again started to describe the event, when from our left at tree top level came two heavy duty fighter jets, followed a short distance behind by a third jet. The boys confirmed with further excitement that the jets were taking the same course as the red light object. Because of the cruise speed of the jets I had the impression they were told to follow and observe and not to engage. I do not have knowledge of where our military air force bases are situated but I can confirm they are some distance away and for them to get here so soon somebody had to have known that the red object was coming. The time taken for the boys to run down the road and for us all run back up to the fields was three minutes at the most, so a lot happened in a short time.

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