21 September 2013

Someone or Something

More Cat killings in America this time in Vancouver Washington. People are saying that someone or something is leaving mutilated cats in their streets and across their laws. This has been ongoing for the past three years.

Mutilated cats have also been turning up in Oregon City.
"The latest case is similar to two cases that happened in the area two summers ago. In the first case, a mutilated cat was found in a grassy area at St. John Apostle Cemetery. Then, less than two weeks later, a passerby spotted cat remains at the nearby Hillendale City Park. Police determined the cats were tortured. "
San Antonio is another place recently in the news for cat mutilation where neighbours are still in disbelief.

All these incidents speak of humans being responsible for their deaths. Coyotes are mentioned but putting the blame on animals is an mild attempt to persuade the public that "dark hearted" people do not live in our cities. Even the thought that a remote possibility exists of actually knowing  one of these cat murders is enough to make you look sideways at your neighbours. How can a normal human being harbor such cruelty?

How does one catch these types of people. Maybe if security cameras were liberally placed in areas where these occurrences have happened the culprits  would have a better chance of being caught. Cat lovers everywhere would be glad to contribute to this worthy cause. 

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