14 September 2013

Disturbing Links


"Nobody knows what is behind the disappearances, and the only clues have been a few discarded collars - no bodies have ever been found." 
 9 Pets Disappear - Ireland 2010
"In the case of the missing cats in Tandragee, the animals appear to have “vanished into thin air”    
Missing Moggies - UK 2011
"CATS have been disappearing from a Flintshire village in mysterious circumstances"
Cats Disappearing - Utah 2011 
"It's a real-life mystery shaping up in a Layton neighbourhood"    
 "Animals are actually missing, they are actually disappearing. The cats do get out but guinea pigs and rabbits — they don't get out"
 Great Pussy Purge - France 2012
"In 2011, 522 cats disappeared in the town of Angers in the west of France, up from 200 in 2000"   
More Cat Halves Found - Washington 2008
One man even suggested that aliens from another planet could be slaying cats. He didn'’t want his name in the newspaper because people tend to think people who believe in UFOs are “oddballs.” Actually, UFO enthusiasts have been writing about the link between killed cats — especially half cats — and UFOs for many years..”
 Strange Story with Happy Ending - Florida 2012
"This amazing series of coincidences was definitely a miracle, a little white nearly blind cat . . . is important enough in this vast universe to save."
"Every time my cat comes outside and sits on my lap with me there is constant commotion and movement in that patch of woods."
"Most of us have heard of cattle mutilations, but there is something happening even more disturbing. Throughout North America, pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why."
A Gust of Wind - Argentina
 They felt a sudden and intense gust of wind. It was accompanied by a strong, nauseating rotten odour, which suddenly went away. “That was the night before. The next day, when we woke up, we found the five mutilated goat kids.”

Disturbing Information


"There is a massive number of missing children in Britain, America and other places connected to underground bases. By the sheer amount of evidence the only conclusion I can come to is that certain sections of the US and British government have sold us and our children out to malevolent ET’s in backdoor treaties."  
"Dedicated to Milab victims. Abductions and persecutions by unspeakably evil forces"  

"He was a senior electrical engineer in the Los Alamos underground base in New Mexico. Whilst working there he witnessed rows of caged humans, tall grey aliens and a reptilian alien."

Help for your Cat
CBD OIL for Cats
"CBD Oil helps anxiety and soothes your cat’s aching joints, ease nausea and vomiting, and help maintain a healthy weight."

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