24 August 2013

Strangeness in Caverswall UK

Caverswall UK
The area and country side around Caverswall is quite old; the original church in the village was built in the 12th or 13th century. I have heard of the ghost of a lady or young girl dressed in white walking across one of the narrow lanes, date unknown. Then there was a UFO incident near Dilhorne in 1989; a young couple driving through Dilhorne, England, said a huge dark object passed overhead, firing a blinding stream of light at their car. The craft, said to be several hundred yards wide, shot off into a cloudless sky, leaving the couple shocked and dazzled. 
Engineering worker Stephen Coldough, 20, said: "It was about 1:30 AM as my girl-friend and I were traveling home after a night out. Some friends of ours were in a car in front. Suddenly I noticed two lights, one red and one white, moving across the sky. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, this enormous black object loomed up in front of both the cars and shot a beam of light at us. It was as bright as a powerful searchlight and remained on both cars for about three seconds. We stopped immediately. It was absolutely terrifying. It was the most frightening thing I have ever seen." Stephen, who said he had no previous interest in UFOs, described the belly of the craft as "concave and ribbed. Source
 I have no problem with self-discipline, I would routinely get up very early in the mornings and disappear to various secret areas where I knew I would not be disturbed, while everyone slept I would commence training on my own. One day it slipped out while at work I was going to go to Tick Hill Quarry for a run. A worker heard this and he said, "Ooooooo! you dont go there do you?" I said why what’s the problem? He told me that they were in a friend’s vehicle traveling along the back lane that flanked the quarry which is a very narrow lane where two cars could not pass each other, when something caught their attention. On the quarry side something like a strange head rose up out of the undergrowth that lined the lane and was looking at them. I said what was it ? He said that they did not know. I then asked “did you get out and look?” and in his words he said “no we just got the hell out of there!”
Legend says "Caverswall, being a valley untouched by the hand of man, was characterised by its spooky forest, containing such beasts as bears, wolves, boars, wild cats and the great wild ox. Added to that were the ghosts and other malevolent spirits that wondered the forests of the Caverswall Valley. Eeee, it were a scary place and, consequently, people kept out of it." Source
 The only other creepy thing is that on one of my training jaunts I discovered two dead dogs in the small wood on the side of the quarry, they lay side by side, I thought they had been killed by the owner for some reason (so cruel). The moment I saw them I became very calm but highly alert, I had a uncomfortable feeling the killer was still there, I looked around but saw no one, years later I often wonder (now I have gained knowledge of strange animal deaths) if my survival instinct kicked in because there was something else there, other than human, as I did have a strange feeling of being watched. My training session that morning was not the same, I did go back later with a shovel and bury the dogs, but I was continually looking over my shoulder. Whenever I walk through dense woodland I often wonder if there is something looking at me from the undergrowth, from time to time in those area`s I will stand and become silent and just look, waiting for a movement out of the ordinary. 

It’s the usual case when people see strange things; they either say nothing or put it out of their minds. It’s a shame really.

The image above is of Tick Hill Quarry, the tree`s above the marker that flank the quarry and lane are where I found the dead dogs, on the lane side of the tree`s is where the people saw the strange head rise up out of the ferns.

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