10 August 2013

GPS tracker for high mutilation areas

The BBC Documentary The Secret Life of Cats uses a GPS tracking device to discover where cats go when they leave home. It involved fitting cats out with GPS tracking and cameras. The world is seen from the cats viewpoint and displays their usual night time activity and what the cats journey looks like on Google earth. The GPS has a battery life of 24 hours. The findings showed that the average male cat wandered 100 metres from their home and female cats were half that amount, all having their own distinct areas that they roamed in.

If this system were to be applied to cats in high risk mutilation areas we might discover what is causing the phenomena of half cats. I`m not saying you should sacrifice cats but it would give peace of mind should anything happen to your cat as there would be a record of your cats activity and point of its demise. I know this sounds harsh but if it was my cat I would want answers.
The English Cognizant Citizen



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