17 August 2013

Confusion is the Name of the Game

I recently heard Gordon Duff discussing the fact that the USA has a project in progress to determine the capabilities of certain places on Earth to increase agricultural production, to sustain probably millions of humanoid aliens from outer space. He names one such place as Africa. Immediately this brings to mind a TV series called Battle-Star Galactica, if I remember rightly this was about refugees from outer space seeking a home, or trying to find Mother Earth, their place of origin. This brings me to a number of questions about what we are told about the Alien situation, take the X-BOX game "Halo" for instance, when you think of G. Duff`s statement above you will understand my fascination when I tell you that in the game Halo there comes to earth an invasion of Aliens called the "COVENANT", and their first invasion force landed at ........... Mombasa, Africa. The invaders were Reptilian, eventually during the war some of the Aliens split ranks due to deception of their superiors and a number of the Aliens fought alongside the Earthlings. Now did the makers of Halo have fore knowledge of things to come, or was it just mere coincidence? Was the film "DISTRICT 9", also situated in Africa ,another coincidence? This begs the question just how much does the film, gaming, TV and media industry play a part in shaping our minds to get used to the idea that we will soon be meeting Alien visitors.

I remember many years ago there was a comic called The Eagle, this comic was famous for the adventures of "Dan Dare", a space faring adventurer, his arch enemy was the "MEKON" who`s feature were that of a typical "Grey Alien". But the "MEKON" was not grey in color, he was green. His henchmen and general servants appeared to be Reptilians, and they were also green. This comic was produced in the 1950`s. The Grey and Reptilian have been kept alive over many years, a perfect example is the TV series "V". The story is very similar to the game "HALO"; Reptilians come to earth as friends, but it turns out they are eating us, so war breaks out and some of the Reptilians split ranks and end up fighting, again, alongside the Earthlings. Then we have the Star Wars Saga; films that tell the story of an evil emperor and his need to rule the galaxy, one of the weapons he used to control planets that did not agree to the way he did things was the "DEATH STAR"; was capable of destroying an entire planet! "IAPETUS", one of the moons of Saturn eerily resembles the "DEATH STAR"; did George Lucas do his homework? Did someone tell him the story of our solar system or again was it just pure coincidence? The film "Independence Day" had the President invade Area 51, years later a recent whistle-blower revealed that President Eisenhower threatened to do just that if he was not shown the Alien truth, coincidence?

Most of us believe that most planets in our solar system are littered with artefacts and ruins. So could it be what Richard Hoagland theorizes; that long ago there was a great interstellar war where a planet was destroyed, and because of the ensuing cataclysm Mars lost its atmosphere. Does someone know our true history and are trying in the gentlest way to tell us the truth through films and media, because one day the victors of that great war will return and to lessen the shock they give us a vaccination of truth hidden in films. Or is it all a sham a money making racket based on our worst fears? Could it be a slow take-over of our minds, a secret invasion by the powers-that-be for us to accept and believe all Aliens from outer space are bad so as to create a false flag event to suit their agenda.

A popular paranormal writer once sought advice from scientific friends as to why witnesses have seen UFO`s hovering over electrical power stations and in some cases pylons. It was thought they were taking power out for their own use. The scientific friends said “why would an advanced race capable of traveling millions of miles through time and space want to top up with electricity from us? No! They would be beyond that and more than likely they were putting something IN to the electrical system”. It only takes a small leap of imagination to think how those power stations and pylons are connected to our computers, which by now run a large part of this world, and how easy it would be to change the way we think and move us in directions we would otherwise not bother to go. You see an Alien race wishing to control this world would not want all-out war. To fight kill and destroy does not fit a supposedly advanced Alien. Knowing the resilience of the human race there would be a possibility they could lose the fight with us, havoc and destruction would be old school to Them. Their take-over would be more subtle and many years (to us) in its completing, and while the process of invasion was in progress on our world other members of the invasion force would move to the next world on the star map, and again implement the subtle invasion process. This brings to mind
The Beast
, the super, super computer that we are told is running the show, just supposing our Alien invaders left The Beast here with a few minders to implement the invasion procedure. Complete with a very advanced computer program The Beast could control our very lives and thoughts, a program so advanced we could not figure out what is going on and we just end up running in circles. Confusion is the name of the game.

I once read many years ago that there was a machine, a cylinder craft of some type that has orbited the earth for eons, it had a biblical name it may have been referred to as The Tabernacle, it was said:- "It knoweth every man woman and child that was ever born." Could this machine be The Beast? are we now paying greater homage to this machine, are the likes of Facebook and Twitter a part of the grand design of invasion and control. On these sites we leave every detail of our lives, our thought, our daily deeds are recorded and are freely there for all to view at their leisure even The Beast. Is every DVD player, Free View box, every iPad and Computer all a part of the invasion process. To lure us in a false sense of security, to surrender ourselves to the "Machine" (The Beast) like many of us have done without realizing it, and in doing so we are manipulated to do the deeds of the invader without ever setting eyes upon Them.

It is simple if we could see Them and know their agenda, we just might fight against Them, but no, it is far better to keep us confused and for Them to stay out of sight, when you work like that you have phenomenal power.

The English Cognizant Citizen

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