6 July 2013

What is the Purpose Behind Entities?

The theories below definitely need to be considered when pondering entities.

"I originally set out to find a scavenging entity, something separate from the human race, something that feeds on our life`s energy`s, the energy`s we shed as we struggle through our complicated lives’. After much thought I have come to the conclusion no such entity exists, instead I became aware of the fact that the entity I sought was ‘Humanity’ itself.
Think of this, if you make yourself the king of a great empire without people to adore you, you will sit on your throne in misery, you would become lifeless. It is only when you add the worshiping energies of many people to your empire that you as king become alive, they have given you ‘Purpose’. If you lock someone up in a dungeon you in fact deprive them of ‘Purpose’, they become withdrawn and grow weak. It is only when he is free do you give him his ‘Purpose’ back, and he gets this from the interaction with other humans.
So now I ask the question, is ‘purpose’ the name of the energy food that drives ‘Humanity’? Do I give my wife and family ‘Purpose’ do they in turn give me ‘Purpose’? When I talk to someone in the street do I give them ‘Purpose’? In fact is the whole of humanity is linked from person to person because we feed on each other`s ‘Purpose’; the ‘Purpose’ generated from our interaction. Humanity drives and feeds on itself, all the ups and downs in my life were the products of feeding on ‘Purpose’.
Now this brings me to the topic of Black Eyed Children, but first let me tell you of a statement John Keel made in his fascinating book The Mothman Prophecies. I do not remember where in the book it was, but he stated that a few thousand years ago a group of learned men came to the conclusion that we share this world with other entities, entities that were probably here from the beginning of time. Now over the centuries these entities were slowly eradicated from our thoughts and observations, with the help of some bad religion and well-meaning teachers the bogey man was relegated to a fertile imagination, and we had to stop being silly, we were not to pay them any attention, in other words do not give them ‘Purpose’, or a cause to exist.

Now I do not know how old the Black Eyed Children phenomena is, but to me it is fairly new, only the other day I read an account of a young girl’s near contact with a Black Eyed Child. The young girl was playing on her swing, she suddenly became aware of a child standing behind her, at first she thought it will be someone to play with but then became apprehensive and ran into the house to her parents, she did not give the strange child any attention. The following day there pet rabbit was found dead, in the words of the writer, someone had opened the cage and shredded the rabbit, its believed that the Black Eyed Child was responsible. Now if that is the case was the Black Eyed Child upset at being ignored, was it saying, ‘I am here pay me attention, if you do not I will do something to capture your attention, I will kill your pets in strange ways, I will torment you with all manner of strange activity, and when you see what I have done you will talk about me and try to find me, when you look for me I will grow in strength and power, you will give me ‘Purpose’.
 Are these the entities that those learned men spoke of? Demons that were banished from our observation, and who are now trying to regain some sort of existence, but in order to do that they have to be observed, and with our struggle to understand them, we give them life, we give them ‘Purpose’. 

 Just like Humanity craves attention in order to have ‘Purpose’ and a reason to exist, like-wise it appears these entities also crave attention; and the strange thing is, they seem to require that attention from US. So! Do these entities require us to observe them to give them solidity, a ‘Purpose’ to exist in our dimension? Is that a good thing?, or could we end up regretting the day we set our eyes up on these Entities . A quote in a book I read many years ago always comes to mind when I hear or read of strange happenings,-------’WHEN DARKNESS COMES DOORS OPEN’"
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