27 July 2013

Night Terrors and Jet Aircraft

This particular story starts in the dead of night, the day previous day had been a normal working day and we had more work to follow so we did not stay up too late. Our son occupied one of the rooms upstairs and my wife and I had the downstairs bedroom, and lastly, our cross border collie slept in the kitchen. Now about 2.45 am we were literally dragged from our deep sleep by a sudden commotion within our house. I awoke with my wife to hear our dog in the kitchen virtually choking with terror or excitement. Suspecting burglars I whispered to my wife not to put any lights on, if they were trying to gain entry to any part of our property I wanted the advantage. I peeked through the curtains of the front window. It was clear. I checked the living room, nothing. Now I opened the kitchen door to where our dog was still frantically pacing up and down, ignoring her I checked out the back garden by turning on the security light, the coast was clear. Now I turned on the kitchen light. I looked down at our dog, she is normally a strong willed dog and not much for people she does not know. What I had in front of me was a terrified animal, her eyes were glazed and she was completely agitated, I stooped down to comfort her.

By now my son and wife appeared, my wife wondering what had happened, but it was my son that had a story to tell. He said that he had been in a deep sleep but was awakened by a disturbance emanating, as it seemed, from the darkness of his room, the noise got louder and louder and more high pitched, he was convinced it was in his room but then realized it was moving. He jumped out of bed and snatched open the Velux Window near to him. He could hear the terrifying noise moving across the country side and dying out in the distance, he saw no lights to indicate aircraft or the glow of jet engines, there was nothing to observe only this spine tingling noise.

Our son is an excellent observer he can recall and give spot-on descriptions without hesitation. If it was a jet what was it doing out at night flying at roof top level over a built up area? Why did our neighbors not hear the commotion? Someone should have heard something! Outside our door is the large populated area of Weston Coyney UK.  Nothing was heard and nothing was reported. However, someone knew something because seconds after this event 3- armed heavy duty military jets appeared at tree-top level, they took the same course as the object. Because of the jets’ cruise speed I presumed they had been told to follow and observe. For those jets to get here so soon from the nearest base, they must have had knowledge it was coming. So you will understand my scepticism of people saying that the only noise my son heard that night was a jet aircraft. There`s more to this area than meets the eye.
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