20 July 2013

Feeding on Fear

"The Black Eyed Children phenomena has always fascinated me and, according to Mr Weatherly, is on the increase. An interesting point he made was that when these entities had instilled enough fear into their victim they would then disappear in the blink of an eye. It is as though, he says, that they feed on our fear.
Ninety nine percent of our life is ruled by fear. In everything we do there is always fear, if not for yourself it could well be a family member. Businesses, banks, and advertising have the capacity to actually scare money out of you! 
Examples of Fear Based Sales 
  • “before you buy our burglar alarm system I just need to tell you there is a burglary every 60 seconds in the UK!” 
  •   “you need our bank to look after your money so we can invest it for you, and it is safer, you might get robbed at home!” 
  • “your dog needs these new Dental Chewy Sticks, because four out of five dogs have gum disease!”
This type of thing happens every day, year after year, in all walks of life, we lock our doors at night because of fear. We live a life of paranoia. We may not realise that we are actually doing ourselves harm. Over the centuries this world has been witness to some of the vilest atrocities mankind could ever commit, year after year in many parts of the world the out pouring of fear from human activity must be at an all-time high. Could our fear flooded world have created these black eyed entities? Have our collective fears mutated? Are these entities travellers of dimensions, looking for worlds like ours, a world bathed in fear, ripe for feeding on?
Given enough time do these entities start to create their own environment in order to create even more fear for us humans? Take, for example, an environment such as animal mutilations. Could this be designed as a fear producing exercise? They feed us with a cause, and we produce for them fear – a bit like the Ants farming the Greenfly for its milk.
When there is no answer for paranormal experiences it makes you wonder if we are entirely to blame. Are we the creators of our own fear? Are the Black Eyed Entities our children of the damned, and we humans are the damned?"
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