15 June 2013

Secret Science

I think there's a lot of Advanced Technological things that are shown in movies that have actually been developed or in the process of being developed in real life.... look back at old science fiction movies that, at the time those movies were made, people never thought some of those technologies would ever exist but they do exist today.

With that in mind comes the questions:
  • Are these science fiction movies a way for the governments, or whatever, to get the public’s opinion or reaction before they bring them into reality?
  • Are UFOs being unleashed on the public through movies and portrayed as friendly so that when it really happens the groundwork will be done and the world be fooled into a false sense of security?
There was a scene on Stargate Universe where a crew member was walking along a corridor in I think what was a space ship, suddenly he came face to face with a swirling mist of particles, he drew his gun and fired several shots in its direction. The particles came closer then attacked him, end of scene, later I heard the other crew members discussing the attack, and one them said, ‘Did you see what it did to his face’. It made me wonder about the mutilation attacks and other phenomena, should we be looking for something different than solid entities and aliens when these attacks take place.

Certainly food for thought.
The English Cognizant Citizen


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