8 June 2013

Demons & Nightmares

"I have always been drawn to the Demonic side of Ufology; you have something Alien and something not Alien, something more evil and cunning. By evil I do not mean evil deeds but more of a feeling, something we really do not understand, we sense it and we fear it but we do not know why.
I talk like this because as a very young child I had some extremely terrifying, what, as then, I could only call dreams. I would have been about 6-years old when the night-time terrors started, you may think that`s what it was but let’s think.
It was 1956, there was very little television to influence my night-time sleep period, no horror stories were told, there was no reason for my torment. So why was I pursued in my dreams by unseen entities hell bent on holding me down or chasing me down stairs in slow motion with invisible fingers grasping at my back and waist, many nights I went crying to my parents’ bedroom. One particular dream (I call them dreams because I do not know what was really taking place) involved me making my way down some steps to a cellar, when I opened the door an old lady stood there sorting through a load of dirty what appeared to me as washing, when she saw me she lifted up her hand and with one finger beckoned to me to come in, the terror was immense.  
It was only recently that my memory of that dream was ignited when I read on Enigma Earth about a child who disappeared in a National Park of America ,the child found himself in a cave strewn with various artefacts, old guns and the like, and most weird of all, his other grandmother. The years went on I could not turn to anyone for help, I do not blame my parents, what was happening was beyond their understanding. I eventually got to the point of resistance, I decided to fight back. I realized I could be conscious  in my so called dreams so I resisted, I fought, I struggled, I demanded  they go away. It worked, the dreams slowly stopped, and the periods of calm sleep where extended. Since then I have used the same approach when my sleep has been invaded by these entities.
Were they dreams? I do not know, Were they Aliens? I have no idea, was it Demonic? it felt like it, no evil was done but the feeling of evil was predominant".
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