1 June 2013

Demonic Aliens

Camille James Harman gets to the heart of the alien abduction phenomena and is putting it all on paper.
Camille  is an abductee who experienced the trauma related to alien abduction. She decided to immerse herself in the UFO community and became a public speaker, wrote for UFO magazine, and attended conventions.
Camille has come to a number of conclusions and decided to write her own book.  She didn't, however, have all the answers she wanted about her experiences.
"I started to pray, 'God, give me an answer to this whole mystery. I want to have a useful conclusion.' I was then guided to read a couple of books that I hadn't come across in my research. (Later on), a profound feeling of grace came over me. I felt the divine, protected and guided."
The books she referenced include Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife by Nick Redfern and Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & the New World Order by C.K. Quarterman. She also referenced alienresistance.org who has undeniable proof in the testimonials from living people who have found salvation from this ghastly phenomena through help from the Angels and Jesus.
"Years ago, I heard aliens are demons but it never really clicked for me until it made logical, historical sense in this context. I saw historical and biblical references to fallen angels breeding with humans. ... They can present themselves in different forms." Camille said these beings now present themselves as extraterrestrials.  
"The theories in the UFO community are that the aliens are breeding with us to strengthen their race. Or that they need to keep our DNA off the planet in case we blow ourselves up. And that the aliens will come and save us, fix our problems. I think this is a big scam.
The beings don't have souls. I think they are trying to get our souls either by genetic manipulation or get them at the time of death when people are transitioning." 
Spread the word. If you do not want to speak it because of looking foolish then spread it by other means. Write it on websites, this is the first place others will look when seeking help. Leave comments and links. Please do your bit to make others aware of alien salvation; this is a true horror. Camille's new book is not yet released.

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