29 June 2013

Cat Mutilations and Taigheirm

Cat Mutilations were rampant in Orange County California back in the 90s. Newspaper reports counted sixty seven cases in twelve weeks. It is a problem where dogs don’t bark and no noise is heard despite the mindless gore and violence happening under the noses of neighbourhood inhabitants.
A resident recently sent an image of a half cat which he discovered on his front lawn. A shocking and gross experience which has been repeated countlessly by dozens of people in the area. 

But how many incidents are not discovered or not reported?
What dreadful things are going on outside of our houses during the night?
“Pet owners, galvanized by recent reports of ritualistic animal mutilations in California, New Jersey, Florida and other states, say all signs point to something very unnatural, possibly a satanic cult or youth gangs at work. But animal control and sheriff's officers, after necropsies on dozens of cats and consultation with a Federal wildlife expert, say the more likely culprits are urbanized coyotes. There is never any blood at the scene, the animals are often dismembered with surgical precision and paws and other body parts are often left on the ground in strikingly similar arrangements. No one ever seems to hear anything nor do dogs bark during the killing.”
How does an urbanized coyote kill or feast on a cat and leave no sign of the incident? Are they trying to tell us that the coyotes can achieve this soundlessly and cleanly and then distribute the carcass? I feel that the experts are at a loss to explain the source of the killing and are presenting findings filled with logical explanations which are meant to nullify our horrors at what is increasingly appearing to be a problem of unknown origins.
Another reader expressed his thought that cat mutilations may be related to the Scottish ritual of Taigheirm which means either an armoury, or the cry of a cat; mostly given to an ancient magic rite in which cats were sacrificed. The cries of tormented cats were also the weapons used to overwhelm the opposition that demons presented to human requests. This mainly happened in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, although it is believed that the ceremony originated in more northerly climes, and was practised until about the end of the 18th Century. The last time the Taigheirm was performed in the Highlands was in the island of Mull and the place is still well known to the inhabitants. I won’t give the details of this horrid rite but it is enough to say that the act does not incorporate half cats or the innards of cats which discounts Taigheirm as a reason for widespread cat mutilations. Not discounting the fact of course that something we are not aware of in this modern day might have taken its place.

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