23 June 2013

Alien Encounters in Australia

Victoria, Australia is being invaded by aliens!

Newspaper headlines in Australia testify that there is witness accounts to verify the existence of alien-like beings with the scars to prove it. 
"Accounts of UFO sightings are on the rise across the state. And the increased activity has resulted in more people coming forward to share their stories of alien abduction and encounters."  
Abduction accounts include:
  • A young woman who thought the “beautiful technologically advanced spaceship” and a "green reptilian" figure was all part of a dream until she discovered the scar where she was inserted by a needle-like object in her shoulder which x-rays later confirmed as having a “rogue object” embedded within.
  • A man who awoke in fright to discover a “skinny grey being” standing next to his bed with a hypnotising stare. An encounter which happened again in his backyard during daylight hours, this time standing beside his car and “shimmering in an inky glow and reading his thoughts”.
These encounters are one of many being investigated by Victorian UFO Action group, a not-for-profit organisation with a team of ten volunteer enthusiasts who try and be scientific in their approach and analyse the footage and speak to witnesses.
"Sometimes it is obvious and it can just be a bird, bug, plane or even a Chinese lantern. Then we get some other cases where we go 'Wow!
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