4 May 2013

Foul Smell Preceeded the Entity

This true story happened to my mother in the early 90s. She had been complaining about a bad smell which seemed to invade the living room towards evening. My husband pulled up floorboards to see if an animal had died under the house. He found no obvious cause for the smell. My mother was adamant about the strength and foulness of the odour and was at a loss with how to get rid of it. The smell ruined her evenings and her appetite. 

This went on for about a month. Then the odour got stronger and strange things started to happen. 

My mother was asleep one night and she woke to the sound of the bolt being drawn on the back door, the sounds were of someone walking outside. The kitchen light was switched on. She thought it was a family member who was staying at the house, who, incidentally, could not smell the foul odour. She waited for him to return. Eventually she became annoyed and got out of bed only to find that the back door was still bolted and everything was as it should be. She turned out the light and went back to bed. 

I visited my mother some days later and found her looking pale and exhausted, I could tell that something serious was wrong. I asked her what the problem was. She told me about the back door incident and then she told me that she was seeing people in her bedroom. She said they looked like her mother and father but she knew they weren’t real because her parents wouldn’t frighten her like that. I asked what did you do? She asked me what I would do? I said hide under the covers! That is what she did; until daylight. 

I left her that day feeling very concerned for her welfare. I decided I had to try to help her so I rang the local church and talked to the priest. He asked me if there had been anything of major importance had happened recently within her home or her life. I said no she led a simple life and was a positive minded woman. He asked me if she could be feeling guilty about anything. I said yes. 

My mother’s own mother had passed away. She promised her mother before she died that she would look after her brother. Unfortunately, he was going his own way and there was nothing she could do to change things; apart from feeling guilty that she could not keep a promise. 

The priest explained that no one should ever never feel guilty, especially about what they couldn't control. Guilt was a sin. Jesus died for our sins. He wanted to bless the house. 

I explained this to my mother but she would not let the priest bless her house. She said she knew what she had to do. And whatever it was she decided to do worked because life returned to normal. 

So go easy on yourself. Forgiving yourself is essential. There is a tendency in all of us to hold ourselves more accountable than we do others. The reality is that you cannot change what has happened. You cannot restore lives to where they were before the event. However, you can make a difference in the lives of others. You can give back some of what you have taken away by finding a different place to invest your time and compassion. Forgive yourself and let the healing begin.

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