11 May 2013

China Cat Meat


"HEADLINE - Crash saves cats from Chinese dinner plates.

Around 600 cats stuffed into wooden crates and destined for dinner plates in southern China have been rescued by animal protection volunteers after a truck crash."

This was the ABC News headline on 18th Jan 2013.

How sad it is to see cats and dogs produced for commercial purposes like food. Click
here for more information about cat meat. The cat rescue is not the first of its kind in China. A truckoad of dogs were seized a year ago bound for chinese dinner plates. That article can be read here. Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland.

Chinese Animal Protection Network (CAPN) is the first Chinese network for animal protection. They need to be congratuated and supported for the work they do. It takes a strong person to act out of love for a living creature. 
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is another organisation that is fighting for animal rights. They are vital to stopping the illegal fur trade which is alive and well, especially in China. This subject is so vile and so heartbreaking that I cannot bring myself to include a link.  
Please be generous with either your time or money to help our pets. Without us there is not much hope.

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