18 May 2013

Alien abductee tells us how to make it stop

"There are those of you that have been abducted against your will. Some believe that this is out of their control and believe that there is nothing that they can do to stop this happening. I am a medium/psychic and healer. I am here to inform you that there is indeed something that you can do to stop this happening against your will.
We all have spirit guides and guardian angels. According to the laws that govern this area of our life, that is the alien presence and alien abductions it is important that we know what our rights are. It is not enough to simply ask these beings to leave us alone as they will not listen to you. Some of these experiences can be very terrifying and malevolent. Some of these beings can be working with the darkness and choose to inflict suffering upon innocent people for their own agenda. This is what you can do to make it stop. Call upon your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or Angels of Light. Tell them in clear language that you wish for them to put a stop to these abductions or the interference of these beings in your life. They have the right to act on your behalf to put an end to their interference and or abductions in your life. Simply asking God for help will not be enough. The Guides and Angels are not allowed to intervene in your life unless you ask them specifically to do so. I was once the subject of alien interference, but by asking my Guides to intervene am now free of the suffering that I was subjected to. You too can once again have peace of mind knowing that you are protected by the Angels of Light.
Spirit Guides and Angels ARE REAL SOLID BEINGS but just on another vibration. They are able to interact on the same level as the ET's. The ET's are telepathic and so the Guides can communicate with them. On that level they ARE able to intercede for you if you ask them. They cannot intercede if they are not asked due to the law of free will. But they can due to the laws that govern these things intercede on your behalf and block these beings. These ET beings must comply once the Guides are involved as the 'Powers That Be' will physically intervene and stop the ET's from interfering with you. These 'Powers That Be' are other 'Spiritual Forces' that have the policing power and the means to employ it once you have asked the right channels for assistance...Beings that belong to 'The Spiritual Hierarchy'. The Galactic Federation Of Light' and 'Other' 'Spiritual Beings' from other worlds and other dimensions that are more powerful than the ET's that belonging to the Darkness abuse human beings. Also many of the 'abductions' are 'Astral Abductions' that is the ET's responsible are taking your 'Spirit Body' or 'Energy Body' onto their ships without permission of the owners. So especially in these cases the Guides and Angels are in the perfect position to block them for you. 

Yes people are being abducted 'physically' but the majority of the time it is an 'Astral Body Abduction' But of course many people are not aware of this and believe that they have been abducted physically. The 'Astral' or 'Energy' body is an exact duplicate of your physical body and so those who are not aware of even having an 'Astral' body believe it to be a physical event...Yes they can take your Spirit/Energy Body and Yes the Guides and Angels CAN block this from happening if they are asked to. Guides and Angels are REAL and are as solid as you and I but just on another vibration. They actually DO exist in the REAL world and have a REAL effect. They are not a 'mental conception'. IN answer to the last part of your question the reason is that there are many 'LAWS' that govern the Earth at this time. It is up to people to know what their rights are. In the case of those that are being abducted they are not aware what their rights are and so the ET's are able to take them. This is why I am doing what I am doing so that through education people may come to realize that they DO indeed have the right to say NO. All they need do is ASK for the intervention of their Guides/Angels or The Galactic Federation Of Light. If they do not ask, then these 'Powers' are not allowed to interfere.

Please copy and post this where appropriate so that many more can be free."
Source Erol Pheonix


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