13 April 2013

Strange Knockings & Scratchings

I lived in a haunted house once. I didn't have any problems with it but my husband certainly did. Footsteps coming up the backsteps; the sound of the back door opening, footsteps through the house and then the sound of the front door. Obviously the ghost lived in a time when all our doors were still functioning correctly! A chat to the landlord informed us that it was the old caretaker who used to do a walk thru in real life. Just a friendly ghost still doing his job! No problem… so we thought.
The whole business was too much for our cats and my husband still hadn't come to terms with the fact that he could hear a ghost. We did a little ritual with sage to keep the caretaker out of the house. That worked quite fine for about four months and then off it all started again. This time with a difference.
The old caretaker was knocking on the back door to be let in!
So what does one do when a ghost is knocking on the back door in the middle of the night? Well the first thing you do is to stand there and wait for it to happen again. Then when that happens you run out the front door and tear around the house to see who is at the back door. When you see no one there that is when you start looking at shadows and realise that you are standing alone in the dark in your backyard on a property surrounded by scrub chasing ghosts. A fact that smacks you in the face with its implausibility. A man's ghostly laugh near the back gate soon brings you back to reality.
That is when you make the decision that you are not going to hear any more strange knockings on doors. Sure, as if ignoring it would make it go away! The knockings just get louder and turn into thumping’s. Then they start happening through the day and are heard by visiting family members as well. Sometimes the thumping's were followed by tapping's under the house. You could feel the vibration with your foot right at the spot.
For the rest of our time in that house we discovered that saging every few months kept things quiet. We even had a few funny things happen. My husband decided to finish an uncompleted building job. Over the next few weeks he was woken at night by the sound of scraping roof tin and banging of hammers. Obviously the old caretaker had decided to join him in work.
"The hair still stands up on my neck. Please understand when you read it, nothing can get under our property. There is no cellar, there are concrete footings all the way round, and any animal would have to tunnel 100 yards as the crow flys, avoiding pipe work and other obstacles just to get to our house
We have lived at this property for 34 years and it is not until I think about it that I realize just how many strange events have taken place. I think most people who encounter the unknown close their minds and brush it off as natural causes or coincidence, but I will explore an event and ask questions.
The incident that happened to me was about 1980. I was off work for a few days due to a very bad back you know the sort where you cannot stand straight or sit comfortable. I had to get around with the help of a brush stale. Anyway on this particular day I was in on my own, I had with difficultly just lowered myself into an armchair by the window. The fireplace is only about six foot from my chair so it’s quiet close. As I sat there in silence all of a sudden, without any warning, under the floor between me and the fireplace I heard two powerful scratch sounds. The hair stood up on my neck, I rose from my chair and stood frozen to the spot staring at the floor. For the next full minute I forgot I had a bad back. I sat for many a while just looking at the floor wondering what could have made such powerful noise I could not even imagine a grizzly dragging its claws on wood making the sound I heard.
Now fast forward to 2005, in the years leading up to 2005 we had a loft conversion on our bungalow. It was converted into two bedrooms which now accommodate our grandchildren when they come to stay. Well one day in the afternoon my wife was in one of the bedrooms tidying up and moving things around when all of a sudden there was a powerful scratch from where the chimney was, she found it very unnerving and could not think what could have made such a sound. That was the only time the scratching was heard again and it was years apart. We have ruled out a squirrel, mouse, rat and bird, as there is no way any such creature can gain entry under the floor boards and if they did the noise would be continuous. Yes they can get down the chimney but the only way out if not upward is to come out from behind our gas fire, this happened once with a bird. The noise from the chimney was powerful as though it was on wood but they do not build houses with wood in the chimney`s for obvious reasons . I hope sometime this year to get a look under the floor board as we are planning to get a new central heating system, I will let you know if I find anything."

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