9 March 2013

The Third Force

An article presented by Veterans Today talks about a Third Force inhabiting the earth.
This is the description of the Third Force which many historians have stated is a strong hidden hand in the background controlling all world events. The article describes itself as an attempt to shed some light on this little discussed quite shadowy subject and perhaps provide a framework for some plausible answers from what is now known or strongly suspected. Many historians have stated that there is a strong hidden hand in the background controlling all world events. They sense this Third Force but declined to identify it or its most visible minions. As Woodrow Wilson’s famous quote goes:
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
Major Societal Forces
FIRST FORCE – this is present in every battle whether overt war or covert power struggles
SECOND FORCE - counter-force or opposition
THIRD FORCE – an additional counter-force which can exert much more power and exist without being specifically targeted when carefully concealed or covert
It has been suggested numerous times that this mighty force for Evil in the world, has attained power over nation states by setting up puppets to control them to conform to their overall world goals. Since the advent of the internet there has been an explosion of research and disclosures about this THIRD FORCE.
The work of numerous excellent very well informed researchers, historians, journalists and intel experts has made it possible to make reasonable hypotheses about this Third Force which has been mysteriously and covertly influencing human destiny in a blatantly evil and foreboding fashion under different dress among the few most powerful nations in order to pit them against each other as a continuing strategy of tension to divide and conquer strategy of producing continued states of conflict and massive chaos which allows major changes to be made by the Powers That Be which would otherwise not be possible. 
In recent years numerous researchers and journalists have been connecting the dots as never before and have started arriving at the conclusion that there is a secret, covert major and very powerful and “bad to the bone” THIRD FORCE which appears to have captured most of the major nation states of the world and appears to have somehow gained control over its leaders to act as parasites upon their citizens while cooperating with each other to produce a New World Order Globalist Tyranny; its operative ideology being “ends justifies the means” with absolutely no value placed on human life, a complete lack of love or any humanity at all.
There are differing views of what the Third Force actually is:
  • The THIRD FORCE might be what the Old Black Nobility called the “teeming power of Lucifer” that controls the whole earth within the limits allowed by God Almighty and asks is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien. Some have claimed that these Alien entities (they call extraterrestrials or ETs) are actually benevolent and are here to rescue mankind from himself. The best evidence to date is that this is not true at least for those who are predominantly in control. This is based on reports of a treaty made by President Eisenhower with some which started out good and ended up with these ETs proving to be very deceptive, and notably evil and predatory. This subject was discussed in the article, Secret Space War in Veterans today. 
  • The THIRD FORCE are extra terrestrials that have come to Earth as parasites to con and manipulate to fulfill their secret agenda, some have referred to as “the Alien Agenda” which is to create a NWO Globalist system with a greatly reduced population, complete control, access to human genetics to create a new trans-human hybrid race and full access to all earth’s resources, supposedly all to be done in order to quarantine the Earth and keep it from harming the universe as they develop nuclear technology which can get out of hand.
Running out of Time
The question arises “if the third force is so superior in intelligence why doesn’t it just kill off everyone in its way and just take over anytime it wants?” The best answer comes from those on the inside of the top power structures who have claimed that there are certain “Rules of Play” that must be obeyed by the Creator or the MAIN FORCE of the Universe. These rules have been described as:
  • folks cannot have their innermost free-will taken away
  • they must be told what the super-elites are planning to do ahead of time
  • the champions to fight them must be allowed to arise since the THIRD FORCE must win fair and square to demonstrate its superiority and full power, etc
The Powers That Be know that their time to fully implement their plan is short since people are starting to awaken to their inhuman, evil plans and with the Internet the alternative news is getting the truth out at breakneck speed. It is time for folks to wake up and realize that the earth has been invaded and hijacked by a foreign enemy which is being influenced by a Third Force that appears to have an evil anti-human agenda.
According to rumours from well placed sources the dilemma faced by the sinister Third Force is: On the one hand those doing the dirty work (the puppets in power) are being told that unless they complete the plan quickly, the aliens (the THIRD FORCE) who run them according to a “alien agenda” will just go ahead and institute major disasters or even perhaps destroy the earth (an obvious lie according to those than know the “Rules of Play”). But the Powers That Be are afraid that if they move too fast they will elicit a major mass awakening of the public which will create a push-back so large they will be defeated and driven out of office or worse.
The Third Force deeply fears people power. They look on us as a sleeping giant, who if fully awakened has the ability to bring their regime completely down in a week. The super-elites know that civilisation is on the verge of a mass awakening and they are afraid. That is why they are moving fast and going for broke because they know their time may be short. So they are now moving ahead as fast as they dare, and perhaps they have now gone too far too fast because they have lost their judgment and listened to ivory tower experts who do not understand the strength of the human spirit. The Third Force operates on mind control and bluff. If folks pull the curtain back the power evaporates.
Is the Third Force a timeless ancient Beast of Old? Or is it merely the current face of EVIL which is a very old Beast and common enemy of mankind which goes all the way back to man’s creation?
This article is dedicated to all well connected folks who have done their part to reveal some of these deepest secrets behind the hijacking of humanity, and to those that have been persecuted or lost their lives getting the truth out. The original article can be read here. It was written by Preston James PhD
Comment - During the week I pondered this THIRD FORCE and it political implications, because long before I had read anything concerning a hidden hand manipulating humanity, I came to the conclusion world events were in fact governed by off world controllers. I was re-reading the THIRD FORCE when it suddenly struck me, could this THIRD FORCE also be responsible for a host of other events , events like animal mutilations, disappearances, ufo`s, strange entities. Who knows why a superior intelligence would want to keep us guessing by inflicting paranormal events on us, perhaps that is it, keep us looking the other way while it gains even more control. It is certainly food for thought.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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