8 March 2013

"Something Big is Coming"

"NASA's Curiosity rover should be running at full capacity next week after a computer glitch temporarily suspended the robot."

One reader writes - "I could not understand why I could not access any images from the Mars Raw Image site, well apparently one of Curiosity`s computers has develop a glitch, hindering the image sending, it’s the first glitch I think they said in 7-months. This glitch happened just before Curiosity could send the results of the soil sample it drilled for.
I managed to find Richard C Hoaglands comment about the glitch on youtube its really worth listening to he say some interesting stuff he also has the knack of reading between the lines and fitting the puzzle together.
Richard Hoagland is on in the first hour, you need to jump about 8-mins in for him to start talking, his talk finishes about the 40-min mark, so its about a half hour long. News seems to say that there is a big push for a manned mission to Mars by 2022 and there are lots of players. So is Richard Hoagland right when he says "Something big is coming", perhaps an announcement, we will have to wait and see."
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