2 March 2013

Aliens and God

Has anyone noticed that the world is slowly being conditioned to accept the presence of alien beings.

 All over the internet are articles written about the possible meeting and engagement of alien life forms. This is referred to as the 4th kind. It has been taken for granted by those who accept the existance of aliens that they are empowered with higher technology and  therefore a higher conciousness. By coming to earth it is assumed that their purpose is to share with us their power and technology with the enlightenment of lifting us out of our earthly troubles and saving us from ourselves.
When I think of all the people who would welcome this interaction with aliens I have a visualisation of my neighbour with her open acceptance of everyone. A wonderful way to be of course; but thinking of her inviting an extraterrestrial into her house to accept a cup of tea and discussing worldly matters brings me to realise that there are a lot of people who would do the exact same thing - offering courteous hospitality to those perceived to have a higher intelligence. But were that a possibility why would an alien not choose to have a cup of tea with the president? 

The fact is: HUMANS were given control over the earth and all things on it (Gen1:26). There is no mention of extraterrestrial aliens having control over HUMANS and our earth; which is exactly what aliens have been achieving surreptitiously.  
This is the biggest deception. It is in our minds that aliens do not exist. It is in our minds that aliens are not creating confusion, fear and death on this earth. 

Has anyone wondered why all abductions, mutilations and strange lights always happen at night? It is because aliens are creatures of the darkness, their power is at night. They do not live in the light of day or the light of God.
People do not realise that we are actually more powerful than any life form not of this earth.
We can protect ourselves against these terrifying beings. We can protect our people, our animals and our earth by praying; by visualising a white light covering anything and everything. Ask for deliverance.

Our world is in trouble at the moment.

God has his own forces at work out there. If you do happen to have a strange encounter you must trust your instincts. Do you feel that this is a good or bad experience?  Your instincts will tell you what to believe. For more information about how to protect yourself read the section" Bothered by Entities?"
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  1. Don't you think that cat mutations are because there are already a cat race out there that need cat and human dna for there extinctense .i don't think cats are from this earth.

  2. Anything is possible maybe we are the ones not from this earth


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