29 December 2012

What to do if your cat goes missing

A lot of this website is given to cats and the worldly matters surrounding them. It is a very sad time to discover that a beloved pet has gone missing. Here are some methods that you can  implement to help find them.

Cats are territorial and many will rarely leave their territory unless something has scared them. Therefore most cats that go missing are found within a five house radius from where they live. Make sure you check your back garden and those of your neighbours thoroughly. Is there anywhere your cat could be trapped or hiding? As you know cats can be curious and get trapped in all kinds of places they venture into. Cats don’t wander off down the street following exciting smells like dogs, but at times they can follow their owners without them being aware. This would result in a cat becoming skittish the further from home it became and eventually go into hiding. Have you walked anywhere recently?
If you think your cat is hiding nearby a good tip is to put out some strong smelling fish when it gets dark. Do it at the same time every night. Then try and keep watch from a distance to see if your cat will venture out to eat it. When he is hungry enough he will venture out when he feels safe which is normally under the cover of night. In fact night time is the best time to search for your cat. Walk about between the hours of 11pm – 2am and use your cat talk language that the cat knows best. Walk, talk and listen.  Cats are famous for getting into strife; a hidey sleeping hole can turn into a trap.
Also talk to your neighbours and ask them if they've seen your cat. Local children are also good to ask as they often notice animals and will often help you with your search.
Each cat is different and the scenario that has happened to them may depend on several factors such as their personality, whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat or whether something has scared them.
For example, research has shown that indoor cats that have escaped are very likely to be hiding near your house. They have panicked and gone into survival mode, so are probably hiding within a three house radius. They are too scared to move and will probably not respond to your calls. They are hiding in silence so as not to attract any predators, they are following their survival instinct.
In fact when any cat is hurt or scared they are very likely to go into hiding and not respond to your calls. You have to remember that the cat doesn't think like a human. Even though they may recognize your voice, they may not respond to it because their ancestor instincts tell them it’s safer to remain quiet so as not to attract any attention.
Could they have ventured into next door’s shed? Would they have jumped into a caravan? Have you recently moved? Could they have gone back to your old property?
Check the local pound as cats can be handed in without you knowing. Flyers can help. Do not stress yourself over what you think might have happened to your cat. After all it might just have gone on a big adventure. Sometimes cats can go great distances and return weeks later; appearing magically for food and comfort.
And don’t forget prayer; a definite help in serious times and if you do find your cat dont forget to give thanks..
Happy New Year

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