15 December 2012

Large Numbers of Children Missing in Virginia

I read an article a few months back from a person who was abducted as a child. She had since made it her job to check the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and keeps tabs on missing children. Her investigation bought about the revelation of a very high number of children missing from Virginia.

Her theories and hypothesis also made me keep an eye on the national website. A recent search showed that between 25 Sept 2012 and 25 Oct 2012 the number of children missing from Virginia totalled 107 – and this is for a month! At this continuous rate of disappearances the vast numbers of missing children must be obvious to the public and have every parent very concerned. Why are there so many children missing from the state of Virginia when compared to other states?

Why haven’t we heard about it?

I realize that children do run away from home but I would think that other states would also have the high statistics too.

Listed below are children missing during the last 10 years on the left and missing in the last month is on the right:-

10 Y    STATE      1 MONTH
7     Mississippi       0
19   Missouri          1
51   New York        1
26   North Carolina  3
2     Delaware        0
59   Maryland        6
22   Pennsylvania   2
43   Washington     2
17   Wisconsin       0
280  Virginia         107 (in the last week alone 53 children are listed as missing)

Go and check for yourself http://www.missingkids.com/search. Search using 'Missing From..' Choose State only. The numbers will shock you.

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