15 November 2012

Ultra Strange UFOs

 A group of witnesses tells of their experiences to Chris Holly under the title of Extremely Strange UFO's. Floating sky buildings!
“...I saw a tennis-court size building floating over North East Charlotte, North Carolina. It was broad daylight about 5pm during rush hour traffic…
“...the object looked like a three level parking garage, I could see sky light through horizontal slits in its structure...” 
 “...I watched it from the time it came to view in the front of the airplane window and continued to look at it until we went into a new cloud bank..”
"...just above the tree line, in the back area of his field, a large rectangle fully lit structure…”
 What are these structures? Could they be transporting hundreds if not thousands of alien life forms? Could they be a dimensional craft? Can this be top secret military experiments?

Very strange indeed. Read the details


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