1 September 2012

Four Year Slaughter

An article appeared a few weeks back in the Houston Chronicle warning cat owners not to allow their pets out at night. A four year string of mutilations in the Houston area had resulted in missing and mutilated cats. Some of the work appearing to have been done by coyotes but others having the hall marked sign of the cat mutilation phenomenon.
  “A pet cat that had outdoor access through a pet door in the owners’ home disappeared. Its rear half being found in the neighbourhood a few days later. The body suggesting the cat had been killed by a person rather than a wild animal. Ten days later the front half of a cat was found a block away with the likelihood of it being a different cat highly unlikely although it could not be determined”.
The problem has been ongoing and police are at a loss. Rewards for information have been put on fliers by Crime Stoppers in the hope of leading to a felony arrest.
The advice: “Keep your cat inside or on a leash for safety purposes”.

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