4 October 2012

The Facts so Far

Intuition plays a big part in one’s own well being. It is there as a guide for personal safe keeping and is an important part of our human makeup.  When you perceive something that does not make sense in the real world the first instinct is to brush if off as imaginings and carry on as normal, leaving the incident in the back of your mind.
This is not the case with a number of persons in different parts of the world who have stood with their stories and their perceptions and for what they have experienced regardless of the risk of having their testimony rejected by the majority.  Because of their individual strength and discernment we can put together some facts surrounding the mutilated animals and missing cat phenomena which may lead us to an awareness that can combat the unexplainable.
The following incidents all happened night:
  1. Missing cats preceded by cigar shaped yellow lights in the sky emitting a blue search light.
  2.  Mutilated goats preceded by a sudden and intense gust of wind with a foul stench. 
  3. The sound of cats in serious distress preceded by an unsourced commotion in the woods which appears to have a consciousness when in the presence of a live cat. 
  4. Disappearing cats preceded by a flinting dark shadowy figure that mysteriously vanishes.
Are we able to add the fact the incidents  happen during the summer months as other data seems to indicate?

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