3 October 2012

Cat Killers Cut Swathe Through Suburbs

The following is typical of the phenomenon taking place all over the world today. Nothing heard, nothing seen, surgical precision, all terrifying in its mysteriousness. The killings always increasing during the summer for approximately four months before abating, then accelerating. 

Salt Lake City, 2003. “Bugsy was a tough cat who could stare down a fox and run like a rabbit. But one night the tabby met something darker and more menacing than a fox, something he could not outrun. The next morning Bugsy, the 5 kilogram cat, lay dead on the lawn. The cat had been dissected with near surgical precision. No one heard or saw anything. Bugsy was No. 23”.
In this case the Police were "tight-lipped ... We don't want copycat situations". A psychologist was applied to work with the taskforce to help determine the kind of person likely to commit such a crime.
 Ten years later the problem has only increased.
The common thought – what if one day it is not cats being found....
Keep your mind tuned, keep alert, there is something insidious here.

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  1. If the Police want to help they first have to mentally climb out of the box they are stuck in. Open the lid gentlemen, take a look,there is more out there than us humans.I cannot believe that no one in authority has any determination to get to the bottom of this phenomena.
    They have a chance to do some real detective work, but first they have to open there minds.


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