14 September 2012


Investigations into one matter can always bring about the discovery of other matters. That is what has happened here.  I will not put the video up because it is upsetting in nature, it does however bring to light the fact that the Federal Government continues to support the University of Wisconsin-Madison in using cats in experiments. This deadly project and has provided UW with more than $3 million in grant money to abuse animals—even though researchers at other institutions around the world are already using modern methods with human volunteers to investigate how the brain locates and processes sound.
PETA has called on federal officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding a particular cat called Double Trouble’s horrendous treatment and take disciplinary action against UW for likely violations of federal animal welfare laws. You can help our efforts by contacting the National Institutes of Health and urging the agency to cut funding for this crude and deadly project. Click here to sign the petition

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