14 September 2012

What the Wikipedia Says

 “Horses are dying and now cattle as well and detectives in Maury County Tennessee have been at a loss to explain how or why it is happening. First, seven seemingly healthy horses turned up dead last week at a Hampshire farm in Maury County. The state performed a necropsy and released the results. They ruled that it's undetermined. "The cause of death cannot be determined at this time". It is a mystery. We don't know what happened," 2012  Source

This a newspaper article about unexplained cattle mutilation that we are all sadly finding common news. So I thought I would see what the Wikipedia had to say on the matter and found it engrossing. Here is some of what is says:-

“.....is the apparent killing and mutilation of cattle, sheep and horses under unusual or anomalous circumstances. The animal is found dumped in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from the carcass, even when it is found in soft ground or mud. The absence of tracks or footprints around the site of the mutilated carcass is often considered a hallmark of cattle & horse mutilation. However, in some cases, strange marks or imprints near the site have been found. Laboratory reports carried out on some mutilated animals have shown unusually high or low levels of vitamins or minerals in tissue samples, and the presence of chemicals not normally found in animals

Blood samples taken at the scene were reported to be "light pink in color" and “Did not clot after several days” while the animal's hide was found to be unusually brittle for a fresh death and the flesh underneath was found to be discoloured.

Various hypotheses suggest cattle mutilations have been committed by aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes. Most of these hypotheses are based on the premise that earthly entities could not perform such clean dissections in such a short space of time without being seen or leaving evidence behind at the mutilation site, and around laboratory reports suggesting the use of unconventional cutting tools and other unexpected phenomena.

In 1998, documented photographic evidence of a 1994 mutilation surfaced that involved a human being outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. An autopsy report concluded the procedure occurred while the victim was still alive, and the associated pain resulted in cardiac arrest. The victim's identity was kept private.

Read it for yourself here


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