27 September 2012

Outside Forces

Thinking outside the box is the purpose from one reader in the UK.

“I believe that a force or entity roams the earth and for whatever reason expresses itself in different ways, be it cattle mutilations, half cat mutilations, spring heeled jack, jack the ripper or strange behaviour in people.

The unfortunate cats appear to be displayed and presented in a fashion for us to find. Is this not the same for crop circles and perhaps many other events? Is something trying to make itself known or is it like
John Keel said, these entities do not know what they are doing here themselves. After reading the autopsy reports on Jack the Ripper victims and then studing animal mutilations, you cannot help wonder if these vile events were the first attempts of human mutilations. They never found the culprit, they have done documentary after documentary and they are still no closer to naming the killer. We have the same problem today with animal mutilations, theory after theory on who`s done the deed but no arrests.

If we put the human in the equation nothing makes sense, substitute human for entity or a force that does not operate on our level of understanding only then do things start to make sense.

One morning his neighbor found pebbles laid in a specific trail and pattern leading from an area of small pebbles in his garden, his comment was "Damned Birds." He went for the easy option, we apply what we understand. He never thought for one moment or even imagined why a bird whose sole purpose in everyday life is finding food and feeding its young should take time out to furnish his garden with an intricate arrangement of pebbles.

People have got to start thinking outside of the box; I know it’s not easy.

There is far more to the cat mutilations than someone walking around with a sword, knife, or a mobile surgery, but people do not want to accept this. There is something out there that is involved in a vile mischief.

Tonight I had a pause for thought, I was holding my spectacles and this caused four reflections from the wall lights behind me to appear on the floor in front
of our border collie, she immediately became curious and started to follow the lights as I moved my spectacles around. After a while I said, "Sorry, I should not tease you, you do not understand.” Then it struck me... are the cat mutilations and other phenomena so simple that we just do not understand? Is someone or something having fun teasing a few insects (us humans) with flashing lights and dead bodies?”

The Cognizant Englishman

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  1. "Is someone or something having fun teasing a few insects (us humans) with flashing lights and dead bodies?”

    Ask the Cats.


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