29 September 2012

Seeking Answers

Finding a dead animal with obvious signs of having met an unnatural death is one of the reasons behind this web site. Our aim is to raise awareness of this phenomenon by focusing on people's experiences and hopefully finding an answer to why they are happening and what can be done to stop them.
A concerned cat owner offers their thoughts on unexplained half cat mutilations
“Something that came to mind, and please don’t take this in any bad way, but it is how cats seem to sometimes play with mice, rats, chipmunks before killing them and a lot of house cats will kill and bring the ‘trophy’ home to the homeowner and almost display it for the owner. A lot of times the kill will be missing a head or missing half of its body. The reason I bring this up is because it has a weird but possibly direct correlation to what is being found with the mutilated cats. Whether there is a true connection I do not know.
With the cat mutilations check the hair around the 'clean cuts'. Look closer to see if the hair follicles themselves are actually being cut on any of the victims, as this would imply a cutting tool, something very sharp like a knife or sharper, only extremely shard objects will be able to cut through hair, where and animals teeth or claws will never cut hair, only pull it out. This would help determine if some of them were killed or cut by a tool of sorts. Very rarely in a cattle mutilation you will see a cutting of the hair itself which implies that a knife or something very sharp or efficient at clean cuts was used.
The other thing to relay is to have her lift the body slightly off the ground where it lies and see if there is any blood pooling underneath as sometimes it appears to be drained of blood yet because of natural occurrences when a body lies in one spot for a while the blood settles giving it the appearance of being drained, and to check for necropsy rates. Rarely but once in a while a cattle or sheep mutilation will have advanced rates or necropsy or even delayed rates of necropsy and even sometimes carrions and magpies, scavengers will avoid certain mutilations which is very odd, hinting at something that we can't notice or sense that other animals can.”

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