7 September 2012


Eldorado, Santa Fe is losing cats. The excerpt below is from a piece written by the local vet back in 2005 and explains the night dangers to cat owners who allow their cats outside after nightfall. This may be the case in Eldorado but what about parts of the world that do not have natural predators?

The question still remains.... what is happening to our cats?

"Cat owners have long known about the dangers that lurk in the dark. The most common cause of early demise in Eldorado is not the automobile, leukaemia virus, or alien abduction. The majority of cats who are out at night eventually enter the food chain as victims of these predators.

So, in my semi-professional opinion, the coyotes (or possibly aliens) are responsible for the lack of stray cats in Eldorado. (I may hear from the militant "owls kill cats" faction, but I welcome their input.) As I have said many times, "it's a jungle out there," and allowing your cat to go out, especially at night, puts your pet in their world."

Dr. T. Murt Byrne


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