20 September 2012

A Readers Perspective

I received an email from a person who has been researching half cat and other animal mutilations for a number of years. I was provided with a long list of news links relating to this problem from towns and cities all over the world. It certainly has been continuing for long time totally unchecked. The Questions and Issues raised in the comments below need to be given further consideration. Everyone should be asking the same questions and seeking answers.
"Be advised there is a long-standing mystery re: unresolved serial domestic cat mutilation .. along with some other animals notably goats and rabbits .. and the occasional dog .. I would have expected more dog .. given the high-strangeness of the cat mutilations, glad that's not the case. Nevertheless pretty unusual stuff - it's obviously not coyotes or other dogs .. they are not known for surgical exactness. Am I allowed to use the eff word ?
Here goes: something is definitely 'effed up' in Cat Land. Simple as that. And I betcha this stuff can turn your stomach, if only just the prolific 'body count'. Wholesale, high-strangeness, intermittent slaughter - it can get to you .. keep reading. Shortage of blood but no shortage of human and animal suffering and misery and ultimately; mystery. 

So what's with the cat mutes - you ask? What's behind all this first order mystery and depravity? Who would be so bold? Who would be so brazen? How is this possible
we keep seeing the same or very similar hallmarks in such disparate locations and calendar dates? What is the meaning of this outrage? And why are we such modern morons incapable of connecting the most obvious dots on the cat mutilation map? We are not worthy pet-owners nor worthy computer-owners (for that matter!)

 One thing that's re-occurring makes people understandably nervous is that there is never any blood .. presumably this means the mutilation is done elsewhere and the remains are 'brazenly' returned to the general area (or right to the owners doorstep). We see this time and again - who would be so brazen? Word is on the street .. pet-owners are keeping a sharp eye out - cops are prowling the streets .. still it continues to happen!
Reward offers, public awareness campaigns and increased police presence - nothing makes a dint in the frequency nor sheer audacity of these attacks. Spates end of their own accord. They end as mysteriously as they begin. Only to possibly 're-kindle' after a year or two hiatus! Always the same or very similar MO! Bizarre!
Big unanswered questions re: this phenomenon:
  • If it's 'pelt poachers' - why leave (or return) half a pelt? Who the hell collects cat pelts anyhow? Answer: nobody.
  • If it's 'exotic cuisine' harvesting - why leave half a meal?
  • If it's 'garden-variety' natural predation - why the surgical precision and why no trace coyote or dog saliva/DNA?
  • If it's natural predation - how is it that it's episodic? - i.e. why don't we see this all the time?
  • Why don't other domestic animals (dogs) 'raise the alarm?'
  • Why have large rewards never resulted in any leads - let alone any arrests? All told - there have been 100's of cases. 
  • Why do the 'spates' stop as mysteriously as they begin? Only to re-appear (possibly) after a year or two hiatus.
  • Why don't the authorities return the remains to the pet owners - post-analysis?
  • Why don't experts and L.E. provide detailed assessments of their findings in support of natural predation?
  • How is it possible there are never any witnesses nor reports of prowlers 'scoping' the neighborhood?
  • How does the 'perp' know whose yard to return the half cat to? (Some, not all cases)
  • Why hasn't anyone 'connected-these-dots' previously? Is it Pet-owner fail? Computer-owner fail'?
  • Is there a deliberate conspiracy of silence and obfuscation surrounding this disturbing, super-high strangeness?
  • Should we be concerned?
  • Is law enforcement comically excessive i.e: laughable in sticking to the (their) natural predation, super-elusive, coyote-prowler hypothesis? What do you think?
"...there is methodology to what's going on. Speculation has it the cats are somehow removed from their home or neighborhood, taken somewhere for the cut and excision of internal organs, and then returned close to their homes."" 

I went to the cops and told them what I know, they said "we're already aware of the paranormal nature of these assaults" !!!  WTF

So until such time as they develop a keyboard for cats .. our feline friends are forced to place their welfare in our less-than-competent hands. Poor kitties!
The Cognizant  Citizen



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