24 August 2012

Missing Cats

I have always had cats, so in 1996 I knew something wasn’t right when both my 12 week old kitten and a 3 year old cat vanished in one night.

I have had cats go missing throughout my life but this didn’t feel right. We lived in a small town in rural Australia, our house was up a steep incline and way back off the road. We had 2 other kittens that we kept inside. Our little dog that slept out front with the cats was fine, he didn’t bark through the night it happened and neither did our big dog who was tied up. Once I realised the cats were missing there was not much I could do but I began to hear other towns folk talk about cats that had gone missing. This all happened over a couple of months toward the end of the year.

So many people were losing their cats that the local policeman was contacted and he said there must be someone trapping them, he thought it was odd that the problem was bought to him but that is because there were so many missing and no one knew what to do. There were scores of animals missing.

My partner asked everyone he ran into if they had lost a cat recently, he asked people at the store, the rubbish tip, the pub. EVERYONE seemed to have heard or knew of a RECENT missing cat, one bloke said “yeah come to think of it I haven’t seen the old tom for a while”. One old lady Mrs T said “come to think of it I did have one that went missing for two weeks but the strangest thing was he turned up dead laid out on my back lawn, not a mark on him and he was fresh dead, not two weeks dead, I don’t know where he had been for two weeks and I don’t know how he ended up where I found him.”

We moved not long after that and have heard no local stories, but sometimes I will read of missing cats in a newspaper. Now it seems that cats are beginning to turn up like all those cattle and horses with horrible and strange operations. I cannot keep my cats locked inside I have to let them be their natural selves and live in the world. I say a prayer that they will be protected.

I tell you keep your cats locked up at night because this is getting worse and is widespread, I originally kept my thoughts to myself but I have got to talk about it and warn people. In Canada I read that a number of brainless mice with tiny holes in their head were all lined up in front of a persons house. People are getting worried for their children. And most strange of all IT IS HAPPENING IN WHOLE AREAS/TOWNS/CITIES over a period of months, never single incidents. In England the owners said they found collars but NEVER bodies.


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