26 August 2012


It’s not just over one continent. Yesterday morning I got up and fed my cat just like I always do and let her out about 4 hours later my husband looked out the window to find my cat cut in half and her back end dumped in my garden. We live in South Africa and thought maybe it was some sort of ritualistic African crap but after reading different things on the internet I realize it’s all very similar, there was no blood around the body or in fact in the body she was cut through her mid section underneath her front legs. We have no idea where the rest of her body is and no trace to who might have done this to her. We live in an enclosed complex surrounded by electric fence so I have no doubt in my mind that it was someone living very close by, especially as they put her body in my yard so they obviously knew she was my cat. Poor little thing was only 4 months old and never bothered anyone I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel I want to raise awareness of the situation surrounding animal cruelty and I wish with every breath I have that such things were punishable as if it were done to another human. ANIMALS have feelings too! I cry when I think how scared my poor cat must have been to endure something so horrible and brutal and disgusting. I wish people would understand that when you have animals you are meant to love and protect them from everything that is humanely possible to protect them from, just like you would your children. I have 2 children and it scares me to think if they can do this to an animal, there is nothing stopping them doing to another person. My cat wasn’t just my cat she was like one of my children and it pains me to think that she is never coming home I can’t even begin to express how sad I am that we lost her in such a horrific way. I hope and pray one day there will be an explanation to this situation. Losing a pet in this way leaves so many unanswered questions, the inability to understand why you have been chosen, why it is your cat... is it personal, do they do it for kicks? Is it for voodoo medicine or some silly ritual? I could go on and on and on but it wouldn’t help. I just hope that one day people will understand that animals are just as important as humans, if not more.I just want this shit to stop because it’s disgusting, terrifying for the cats and proves there is nothing more repulsive than those who commit crimes against the innocent!

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