12 July 2019

Jesus and the cat in the shed

Over a month ago, one of the three feral cats that hang around our house went missing after we heard a vicious midnight fight in the woods. We grieved the loss because “Booties,” with his clean white paws, was the friendliest of the three.

But one morning last week, my wife noticed movement in the window of the shed about 60 feet from the house. She went closer and saw the face of a cat staring out at her through the window and could hear faint mewling. Long story short, we rejoiced as eventually Booties crept out to meet us!

He was severely dehydrated and emaciated. Perhaps he had mice, lizards and insects to catch and rainwater to drink during his confinement, but Booties surely must have used 8.5 of his 9 lives since disappearing. To us, it was a little miracle.

Now, after plenty of food, water and rest, he seems hardly the worse for wear for what we estimate to have been three and a half weeks stuck in the shed. But he has had a change of attitude. Suddenly, he has become more like a dog than a cat, and won’t leave my side. He craves attention, affection and follows us all over the yard.

We reflected on what he must have gone through in that shed. It must have been awful for him to sit inside the shed, hearing the cats being called, seeing them being fed and his humans watering the garden. Was he staring out the window, watching the good life pass him by?

Is that what eternity will be like for humans separated from God? For eternity, they will see what they were intended to have and enjoy, but because they had chosen to reject God and his salvation, they will be unable to partake of, and enjoy, heaven. Longingly watching what they miss will indeed be excruciating punishment. Like the cat in the shed, they will be so close, yet so far away.

It is so amazing to watch this cat and his attitude toward us. We saved his life, against all hope of it ever being discovered alive, and set him free. He now adores us and actually desires to be with us, even more than eating the food we provide.

The other two community cats will come near us when we feed them or deign to give us a nudge of thanks if they are in the mood. But that is as much affection or appreciation as they show. Perhaps they feel they really don’t need us, and the food and water will just be there waiting for them every day. But Booties’ new level of love, adoration and loyalty are heartwarming.

I began to think of the theological implications of Booties’ reaction toward those who saved his life. Many people reading this column are aware that Jesus is the Savior of the world. Some have believed and been rescued by him.

But in response, most of us behave like our other feral cats. We meet with God when we are going to get a free meal, or some other blessing, but then we go off and do our own thing the rest of the time. Like them, we know God will meet our needs, so we give him the occasional nudge to say thanks.

This is what we can learn from Booties’ experience: Because we have been rescued by Jesus, shouldn’t it be natural for us to love and adore him? Shouldn’t we love to be with him? Shouldn’t appreciation flow out of us all day long, and shouldn’t we run to him whenever we get the chance? When we used to be spiritually starving, thirsty, lonely and helpless, and we fully understand that we have been rescued, that’s when we can’t thank our Savior enough.

Being rescued by God should result in a lifestyle of gratitude. Psalm 107:1 says, “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Read the rest of the Psalm for the whole meaning of this concept.

Are you like the cat in the shed? Looking out and seeing others enjoying the peace of mind and the blessings given by God, but you are trapped in your unhappy life? Or have you experienced being unable to save yourself and cried out to your Savior? Have you experienced him setting you free?

And now that you are free, do you live like the ungrateful feral cats that only come around for the goodies? Or do you look for every opportunity to fellowship with the One who saved you, loves you and provides for you?

Which cat are you?

5 July 2019

Spooky Stories 1

The world is a big place. We may think we all have it figured out, but sometimes something happens that makes you think twice. From time loops in the middle of the desert to towns that don’t exist on any map, sometimes things just can’t be explained.  I do want to warn you on this one, these stories are legitimately spooky, so try not to scare yourself.

Nothing To See Here, Move Along
Many years ago me and two of my best friends decided to go for a day of mountain biking at Snowshoe in southern West Virginia. Now this was way before the days of GPS, so we were kinda doing this by some half remembered directions and an old map. The point is we got very lost. Sometime along the way we ended up in this very tiny little town and we figured we would ask for directions. It appeared to be absolutely deserted. I’m talking not a single person to be seen anywhere.

We parked the truck and split up looking for anyone we could find. Now this was at around 9-10 a.m. so not exactly early mind you. We went into the post office, nobody, we went into the only bar in town which was unlocked, unattended with music playing, but not a single person present. We went business to business to business and walked the streets and after about 25 min finally found one old guy who just seemed to appear out of nowhere in the middle of town walking alone. The first question we asked him wasn’t even for directions. It was “Where is everyone” to which he replied: “Well I guess folks round here don’t get up much till round noon”. We asked him for directions to Snowshoe and he pointed to the road we came in on and said to go that way about 10 miles and make a right and you will find the interstate. We left quickly. We were all very uneasy about the whole thing.

As we left we were about 5 miles down the road and saw a lady dressed up in a state road uniform standing in the middle of a very long straightaway holding a stop sign. When we approached her she turned the sign from “slow” to “stop”. We asked what was going on. She stated that there was road construction ahead. We told her what just happened and she just kinda laughed and said those people in that town are kinda strange, but let it slide. So we started talking to her waiting for a line of traffic to come by from the opposite direction. We actually ended up talking to her for about 45 min to an hour. Kinda got lost in the convo. Not one single vehicle EVER approached from the other direction or behind us. Eventually, she said: “Well I guess it’s clear now and y’all can go ahead” and slowly turned the sign from stop to slow and motioned for us to go ahead. We went straight ahead; the only direction you could possibly go for the next 30 some odd miles and didn’t see any signs of construction, state road workers, or maintenance going on at all. She had no vehicle we figured she was a flag woman dropped off by some crew up ahead. After the encounter with the town and this woman we had enough and called it quits. We turned on the interstate as soon as we found it and headed north and home. Every single one of us still remembers this whole encounter in vivid detail to this day. I asked my friend about it actually about 3 months ago at his wedding and it still freaks him out to no end.

Now I Want T-Rex Pancakes!
My family has a cabin in Cook’s Forest, Clarion, PA. The cabin was built by my great granddad and has expanded a bit over the years. It has a nice little nook at the bottom of a long dirt road off the main path down a nearby hill. There are a few other properties around, but most are up and off on the dirt road, only one is down the hill and only halfway down at that. It’s not modern by any means; no internet, cell service, the TV still has dials you have to twist to get to watch a DVD. It’s very rustic and I love it.

The property halfway down the hill is visible from the front of our cabin, which is where the kitchen window, parking, porch, and fire pit are. For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been this abandoned lot that had what was once a cabin with a concrete basement. The cabin was built on a hill so half the basement stuck out, but the remaining part was crumbling. It also was at the fork where we would ride our ATVs to get to the firebreak, so even though it’s creepy it was a very common and familiar sight.

One Memorial Day, which is when we opened the cabin after the winter, our family went to the cabin for the long weekend to spend time together. Everyone would usually get there in the early evening, and then all come together for my great granddad’s dinosaur pancakes for breakfast.

So I wake up, expecting to smell pancakes and hear chatter from the older members of my family down in the kitchen, but nothing. I assume I’ve gotten up too early, and go downstairs to use the bathroom and then go back to sleep. Looking back, the whole upstairs was just mattresses with an aisle between them, I should have noticed that most beds were empty.

I get downstairs and see all the adults outside, and I go out to say good morning and demand my T-Rex pancakes. I walk out and see all my family adults in a kind of semicircle facing an older man and a woman I didn’t recognize. I assume this is some adult situation so I go back inside to wake up my cousins, but not before looking at the clock on the microwave and seeing that it’s about 3pm.

Now, I LOVED the cabin. I’d doodle the cabin itself, 4 wheelers, and the area around it for months leading up to Memorial Day weekend. I was usually up at dawn because I was so excited to just be there. Sleeping until 3pm was not in any way normal.

I wake my cousins up and by the time they all mosey downstairs the adults are all back inside. Everyone is pretty silent but then great grandpa fires up the stove and gets us kids excited for dino-cakes, so all seems normal.

I was there with my one of my aunts and my uncle, no parents, and my aunt is pretty close in age to me and was for sure the “cool aunt”. So when I saw her pale as a sheet I went to ask what’s wrong.

She took me outside and pointed at the aforementioned abandoned and crumbling property. In its place was a sprawling cabin-mansion, parking area full of SUVs and the coolest looking 4 wheelers my 13 year old self had ever seen. Aunt tells me that the owners had come to say hi (the couple I saw earlier) and invited us over to hang out with their nieces and nephews, as they were having a Memorial Day get together just like us.

Me, having zero thought besides AWESOME 4 WHEELERS, almost ran to the house but my aunt caught me and rather forcefully reminded me of my dino-cakes. I conceded and ran back inside, to an atmosphere so thick with tension that even my undeveloped brain could detect it. The oldest of the adults were acting normal and playing around with us kids, but something was very off. I finally asked what was up, and my aunt bonked me on the head and asked if I had seen that massive cabin-mansion last night, last year, the year before? We’d come to the cabin every few weeks until December, did I see any construction? Well…no..but they invited us over and they have cool 4 wheelers auntie come on!!

A resounding NO from multiple family members made my emotional girl self almost flee and cry, until my grampie (a 6’7” hulk of a man) got down to my level and explained that he felt there was something weird going on. He said the couple didn’t act right, I assumed that meant they were rude, and that we should just keep to ourselves this weekend. I agreed and we went about our day, all adults keeping us occupied with activities either inside or behind the cabin.

We get ready for bed when I see my great granddad (WWII vet) who had the only bedroom on the first floor loading 3 shotguns, handing one off to my grampie and the other to my uncle/cool aunt’s husband. To my shock and awe, my Gramie pulls out a Glock from her purse. I go to bed with images of my little Gramie taking down a bunch of bad guys with her shiny pistol.

I wake up the next day to the smell of pancakes and the sound of adults chatting downstairs. I’m sad because today is when we have to pack and leave, but things seem back to normal so I’m very glad. I run downstairs, note that the clock says 7:30, but ignore the weirdness and sit in front of a plate of dino-cakes that I dig in to, while asking my aunt what time we have to leave.

“Leave? We don’t leave until tomorrow.” Wait, what day is it? “It’s Saturday, we just got here last night.” I notice just a bit of doubt in my aunt’s eyes that I know something is up, and I run outside. The abandoned lot is back to its decrepit state. I resolve to brush it off and enjoy my ATV riding, and forget about everything pretty quickly.

It wasn’t until I got back to school and was called to the main office where the asked why I wasn’t at school on Monday. I told them that today was Monday, what are they talking about. Nope, it’s Tuesday, and my absence was unexplained despite several calls to my parents.

The Spooky Cave!
By my hometown there was a hiking trail that people went to very infrequently. It was along the side of the Niagara Escarpment so it had some climbable cliffs and some very shallow caves that you could crawl around on.

I went with some friends when I was 19/20 and we were crawling around and found a cave that went pretty deep. We had never been in there or seen it before. So we pushed forward and decided to check it out even though we had no flashlights and this was when cell phones didn’t really have a flashlight function.

We stepped into the cave and it was easily 20-30 degrees cooler than outside. Upon looking around with which light we had we noticed it was really clean inside the cave, as in it didn’t have cans littered everywhere like all the other small caves did. While in there we got a really eerie feeling after being in there shortly… hearing weird and strange things. Feeling like we were being touched, poked and pulled and not having any way to figure out who was doing it because it was too dark. We were just using lighters to see what was around us.

We were convinced one of us was messing with the others. Although anytime we sparked up a lighter, we were all decently far apart.

We decided to high-tail it out of there after only a few minutes, convinced to come back with flashlights. We came out to see that it was now dusk outside, when we entered it was mid-day. Somehow we had lost roughly 3 hours inside of this cave.

But What Is Buffer Night?
This story takes place in the mid 90’s, a time before widely used cell phones and GPS. My two best friends and I freshly able to drive decided we would head out on a Saturday to a water park in Southern Missouri, about a 3 hour drive from our home town in Northwest Arkansas. We had never been before and just used road maps to get there.

We had pretty fantastic time but as the sun started to reach the tree line we thought we ought to head home. It’s about 7 o’clock and we missed a turn but my friend Paul who was navigating said not to worry another turn was coming up that would get us their just as fast. The next turn took us from detoured to completely lost. By 8 o’clock we are on a road that seemed to be lacking in informative road signs and zero lights.

We finally see a gas station and are relieved to get some directions as well as some gas. My one friend and I go inside while my other friend pumps the gas. We come inside and a very friendly old man in his early 60s who gives us a very large grin and says “Weeeeell Hello there” it was very foghorn leghorn-esk. Looked like he was from the country but very pleasant.

We explained that we were needing gas and wanted to fill up. He explained that he was about to shut down for the night but would be happy to oblige us. He then said something I’ll never forget, “You have to make haste though… tonight is buffer night.” My friend and I looked at each other and shared an awkward look. We asked him if he could point out our location on the road map.

While he was finding it two people entered the shop from the back and called out for the old man. He said he was up front. The two approached us, A man and a woman, and at first looked confused then as though hit with an epiphany they smiled. They asked the old man “Are these the guests tonight?” He shot them a look and said “No these are some lost children.”

The way he said “Children” caused the hairs on my neck to stand up. Not sure why. They looked at us and said “The three of you should make haste, because tonight is buffer night.” Two things scared me right then. The first being how did they know about my other friend pumping gas out front when they came from the back and the second being that they repeated the old man verbatim.

We clarified the directions to get back on a main highway and paid for the gas without waiting for change. My friend and I booked it out of the gas station to find my other friend already in the passenger seat. When we got into the car we were nearly airborne from the speed we took off. Before we could say anything, my friend in the passenger seat told us about how three men from across the street stood under a tree just watching him. He waved but they didn’t move a muscle.

We just drove as fast as we could until we got back to the highway. To this day I will still have a nightmare every so often about that gas station and what my imagination has twisted “Buffer night” into being.

Know Your Horror Movie Tropes, It Could Save Your Life!
Driving in rural areas in New England, near the borders of Vermont and Mass, so I am not sure which one I was in. It was late… Well OK, so late it was actually early. And there was fog, dense dense fog. Like Silent Hill levels of fog. And like the guy who loses his life in the opening scene of a horror movie, I am driving on back roads. First my headlight just up and goes out, cannot use high beams because of fog. I am in the middle of nowhere, I haven’t seen a house or town in a long time. Car starts making noise, check engine light comes on. So I pull over nothing much around field and fog and dark. I gamely look at the engine, I can fix electronics, not engines. I tighten all the things I know.

Car now won’t start. So I am in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road. Because of the natural rules of how things work, my cell phone has no service as well. It is like one big cliche. But I am not dumb enough to go wandering the roads right now. So I recline my seat and decide to take a nap for a couple hours until the sun comes up.

I wake up, the sun is coming up, the fog is going away… and I am on the main street of a tiny town, parked in front of what looks like the Bates Motel house. Houses everywhere. It was the the creepiest feeling. I was sure I was off in the woods. There was not a light on in any house all night? There was a service station 50 yards up the road, I walked up to it, talked to the guy (who looked perfectly normal), he walked over to look at the car, asked me to try to start it…. and it did. Turned over right away. And… BOTH headlights were working.

I drove on, never got the name of the little village, and I couldn’t find it on a map. I always felt like I was in this big set up for a horror movie that just didn’t pan out.

Maybe He Did Get Raptured
My good friend and I decided to take a trip up to the North Shore of Mass one spring and arrived to our motel late, around 11pm. We were both all keyed up from driving for 8 hours and too much caffeine, so as soon as we checked in, we left the motel to find the closest beach.

We found a little town beach a few towns over and put our bare feet in the ocean, took a walk on the shoreline, took a bunch of pics, and just goofed around. The streets surrounding the shoreline were residential and all oddly still and quiet. As we were hanging at the beach for about an hour, we noticed this really thick fog rolling in. The beach had those older streetlights with yellowish/orangish bulbs and it created this eerie effect – everything had a kind of otherworldly golden glow. At that point we started noticing what a weird visual effect the fog was having and started taking pics to capture it. The fog was so thick that with the camera flash we could see these seemingly-huge drops of mist/water vapor hanging in the air. The fog was insulating and our voices seemed to carry only a foot or two before being absorbed by the mist.

Suddenly we see blue and red flashing lights, which were startlingly close before we noticed them. We got freaked out and started running back to our car and just took off. Although the beach was closed after dark, we probably wouldn’t have gotten in any trouble, but our adrenaline was already kinda pumping because of the surroundings.

So then we are on the road, of course no cops are following us or anything, but we just want to get back to the motel at this point. It was supposed to be like a 10-12 minute drive away. We are joking around about how weird the night has been and following the GPS when all of a sudden we realized that we were driving on an interchange we had just driven. I remember that the GPS said we were supposed to follow signs for 1N. So we take the exit and stop talking and pay more attention to our surroundings. The fog is so thick that we can barely see 30ft in front of us. We take the exit for 1N, take a few turns as directed by the GPS, and suddenly we are back on a highway or highway exchange again – the same exact one we had just been on 4-5 mins earlier. The same sign pointing out the exit for 1N sat in front of us. We flip on our flashers and slow down to about 15mph and take the same exit once again.

A minute or two later, we both realize that the route we are driving is the same one we just drove a few minutes ago. At this point we are both having major creepy deja vu. There doesn’t seem to be any other cars on the roads at all. All the businesses we pass are closed. Houses are mostly dark with no signs of life inside. The whole world is cast in this weird thick orange air. We are completely freaked out… I didn’t mention that this was the night when the rapture was predicted to occur on May 21st, 2011.

So we drove around a bunch more, trying to find an alternate route back to the hotel. I swear we went through the same onramp/offramp we had earlier 2 or 3 more times. Somehow we made it back to the motel – approaching from the opposite direction we should have – at 3:30am. We had gotten lost for 3 hours in this string of identical, small, sleepy towns on the coastline north of Boston. Either that, or we crossed into a parallel universe for a few hours and eventually seamlessly resurfaced in our usual reality – that’s pretty much what it felt like. It’s one of those memories I’ll never forget. I still look at the pictures we took that night every once in a while and reminisce.

This Guy Drove Through A David Lynch Film
I was relocating across Texas and, as I normally do, was driving through the night to skip traffic and because it’s more serene that way. I was driving straight through central Texas going northwest, so seeing the hill country change to desert in the full moon was super cool. Anyways, I was driving with my (now ex) wife and we were running low on gas. Luckily, we were pulling into a tiny no-name town and we could see an old gas station come around the bend. This encounter happened at about 2am.

Now, this town only has one road, and this station was right at the edge of town at the end of it. When I say old, I mean very old; the type that you have no option of prepaying, you simply flip up the handle on the machine and you hear the pump inside start struggling to get the gas from the reservoir. It had the old style tick readers too, not a thing electrical on it.

I, being the young man I was, had never seen one before, so I walked into the store to buy the gas before I pumped. The store only had one light in the far back on, and I almost thought it was closed since it was barely brighter inside than it was out in the moonlight. Upon entering, I saw the place was deserted; no customers, no workers, nothing. However, there was an odd tune playing on someone’s radio that I couldn’t place. An old sounding, upbeat piano piece was playing somewhere around the corner inside, and I heard shuffling once I walked closer to the source.

This place made me feel scared. Not the “Woah this is creepy” scared, but the “All hairs are on end, something is seriously wrong here but I can’t figure it out” scared. As I turned the corner, I saw a young man standing next to a large radio and… dancing. His dancing, though, was extremely off-putting and seriously didn’t match the tune at all.

Though the radio was cranking out what sounding like ragtime, this guy was running his hands up and down his body with his eyes closed in what looked like bliss. He was going far slower than the music and definitely wasn’t on tempo. For some reason, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even move. I was in a trance as every part of me screamed to turn and leave.

Finally, I said “Excuse me, I just need some gas.”

The guy kept dancing.

I said it a little louder, and he finally slowed down a bit and opened his eyes, and focused on me. But it was like he was looking at a finely cooked steak. He was looking almost through me, and silently walked to the register, not saying anything. I said “Uh, just $20 please.” He, again, didn’t say anything and just stood behind the ancient register, so I just figured maybe he didn’t speak the language or was embarrassed I caught him dancing, so I laid the money on the counter and went outside hoping he’d turn on the pump.

I filled up, told my wife about the weird scene in there, and turned off the pump to kill the horrible grinding noise from the interior pump fighting against gravity to get the gas up.

Weird thing is, when we were leaving, I looked back in the window and the guy was still standing there behind the counter. This may sound fine, but my money was still on the counter in front of him. It was like he was a robot who just turned off once I left.

This is where it gets super weird. A couple months later, I was driving back to San Antonio to visit family, and we figured we’d stop at that old gas station to see it in the daytime since it had become somewhat of a running joke between us. We pulled into this tiny town, and… the thing was gone. The lot it sat on at the end of the road wasn’t even there. It was just grass. No rubble, no old pump, no lighting, nothing. It was like somebody picked it up and moved it. It looked like nothing had been there for years.

Still get freaked out thinking about it.


21 June 2019

False Worship In The Christian Church

I have always loved music and been deeply passionate about it. From the time I was very young, I would sing at every opportunity I got. My passion for music grew into a desire to participate in music any way I could. Starting in the second grade I was playing in the bell choir, and in third grade, I played in the school Orchestra and continued all the way up through Junior High. In high school, I took piano and choir. I finally got my own drumset 18. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and an expression of my innermost being. I continued to learn and play instruments until after my first son was born. Then out of necessity, I set aside that part of my life, although I continued to sing.

My love of music naturally developed into a love of worship, when I came into a relationship with Christ. I joined the worship band and the choir because it was my heart’s desire to praise Christ all day long. For me worshiping Jesus through music was an extension of my being. 

Worship became the place where I was free to connect with God on every level of my heart, soul, and mind. I would lift my hands in praise or bow down on my knees during worship, however, the Spirit led me. I was unashamed because I did it all for my Lord Jesus Christ. This period of my life was short-lived because the war against my worship began within the first two years at the church.

I began to have problems with the worship teams and the people who ran them. At first, I thought I was the problem because I was prideful for wanting to be a worship leader. The truth was, as I was breaking down the ties to the occult that remained hidden within me, the occult within the church was breaking away from me. The more freedom I gained from the occult, the more strife I had within the church.

Soon worship became a time of intense witchcraft attack for me and it was almost debilitating. It became so difficult to focus on Jesus during worship that we soon began to withdraw from the church that we had come to see as our family and a huge part of our lives. Thinking that the problem was merely the church we were a part of, we sought out a new church in hopes to make a new church home.

It wasn’t long before we began participating in another church. This church seemed very worship focused, giving more time for worship, and making a huge production out of it. At first, I relished in this change. I loved how focused this church was on worship, even though it reminded me of the concerts I used to go to as a teen. Yet after a couple of months, I started to realize my worship was not truly focused on Jesus anymore. My worship time was starting to turn into a focus on myself. I found my thoughts wandering things like “if only I could be in the worship band. If only I could be known here. If only I could be someone special here.”

These thoughts became obsessive and my inability to control my thoughts and emotions greatly disturbed me. I tried continually to pray and focus back on Jesus but my thoughts always came back around to me. It wasn’t until after we left this church that I realized the witchcraft at this new venue was pulling all of the people into a form of soul worship. Even though this church seemed to be worshiping Jesus, the truth was it was self-worship. The focus was on the music, the band, the lights, the smoke, fashion, the church leaders, and had nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever. I’m sure Jesus was there because God is everywhere, but this house was a Temple of Self.

It took time for me to realize the self-worship that was happening at this church, but we decided to find another church because I saw other signs of the occult. We started attending yet another church in hopes that a smaller church would be the answer. However, at this church, I saw sure signs of the occult that I found hard to ignore. After being in inner healing for a few years I knew what programming triggers look like, and this church played them on the screen during worship every week.

It wasn’t just the symbols I noticed. I also began to notice that most modern worship songs don’t even actually name Jesus. We sing praises to “God” or “Lord” or “Him”, but rarely do we name Jesus by name. In my experiences, in inner healing, I have come to realize that many gods are called Lord and we could be singing to any one of them. Most people don’t realize that Baal himself is referred to as the Lord and actually means “master, and lord”.

While many people look at the Old Testament as an outdated or irrelevant book, the truth is we are still contending with the exact same gods of ancient days. Baal, Molech, and Asherah are all still alive and being worshipped actively. They have set up their houses of worship in the very temple of God, exalting themselves as antichrists in the church today. While we are lifting hands in praise to God, the hidden antichrist agenda is silently inserting Baal and Asherah into the place of Jesus.

I have had to struggle with this very real truth; a truth that I’ve been trying to deny for years. Many of these famous bands who play this wonderfully intoxicating worship music are not invoking the spirit of the one true Living God, but are actually leading us to worship false idols. We are worshipping the idols of self, as well as Baal and Asherah. The music itself releases mind control programming and calls us out into astral rituals.

We don’t realize we are worshipping the music, the worship leaders, the feeling of worship, the experience, the show, and who we can be in the worship. In worship, we can be a whole new person if we want, dancing, singing, shouting, clapping, raising our hands. We can be transported to another place, a place of where we are free of our earthly confines. All these things are just another way to turn our worship into a show or spectacle, yet none of these things give our God the due worship He deserves.

You don’t have to worship in a church that has lights and a show to have this form of false worship. All churches are participating in ushering in this antichrist agenda through false worship practices. False worship can also come in the form of just going through the motions or not being present or focused on Jesus. Worship, true worship is done in spirit and in truth. Its an act of humility and a posture of submission. It doesn’t have anything to do with music or bands. Just your praise and humble and submissive adoration of the one God that deserves it.

I have been to all kinds churches and seen these problems at each one. I didn’t want to know these things as God revealed them to me. I have shut a blind eye all the astral rituals in the spirit, the witchcraft, and seeing the flashing images that trigger mind control programming because I believed I needed to be a part of a church system. I needed a place to belong and to be known, as well as a place to worship. What I didn’t understand is that Jesus cannot be contained by a building and He is all I need in order to be known, belong and worship Him fully.

These are things that have to be seen and understood and known. Jesus is not happy with this false worship and He’s making it known because a change needs to happen. I cannot continue seeking to be in the presence of Yahweh but being pulled into the presence of Lucifer. This is not just at charismatic churches, it just took me being in a charismatic church to have it thrown into my face like a bucket of cold water and wake up.

Does this mean God is angry at you if you participate in this? No. It means it’s time to repent. It’s time to humble ourselves before the Lord and repent of what we’ve done. I’ve had to do it many times as I started to learn and see these things and it’s been painful. It has been a slow process as I am able to come to terms with things in my own time. However, I am desperate for more of Jesus, and it is that desperation for Him that drives me into new levels of humility and submission.

If you truly desire to strip ourselves of false worship, it has to start with humility and repentance. God desires our pure and unadulterated worship, and He deserves nothing less. We have been deceived by Lucifer with this corrupted version of worship and it’s time to take a stand against it. God does not believe that you are evil or terrible if you have aligned yourself with this form of false worship. Just as with the Israelites who fell into pagan idolatry, God is slow to anger and abounding with patience and everlasting love.

As long as we come before him in repentance and are willing to turn away from this false idol worship, then we will abound in His grace. He is a merciful God who welcomes us home, just as He did the prodigal son. Let the cry of your heart become “more of you Lord” and see what your Heavenly Father can do.


7 June 2019

Acknowledging Evil

Some psychics refuse to acknowledge evil in this world. They say the devil is not real, that evil is not real and it is all in the mind. It was many years before I realised that a true psychic will never give power to evil through acknowledgment. 

There is a psychic medium who I used (back when I was still a skeptic) and she blew me out of the water. It was a life changing reading the day I realized that there really is a spirit world and we’re eternal. 

So why would a medium that’s so accurate and gifted during a reading to someone else say that she sees a child in spirit form who was killed at Sandyhook when it’s proven Sandyhook was a psyop with no kids dying? When asked a few questions about Sandyhook she never once said it was fabricated.

This medium owns a huge metaphysical teaching facility and teaches people how to not let your own programming interfere with what you’re hearing. She also never watches the news. I’ve seen this with other amazing mediums. 

What is causing them to not see the truth? Also is it common that spirit will purposely not let you see the truth to protect you? if so why not just give the “shush” finger symbol like you tell us you see?

One I've witnessed too with people I respect. I wanted to know this too, and spent time gaining an understanding. It came to me through though thought and meditation that many talented mediums and psychics are so focused on the light, high vibrational beings and angelic presences that they cannot even consider that dark things exist. It is so against their belief system, they cannot accept these things in the 3D or in spirit. 

I even asked one of my friends who is blocked from seeing the evils of the world, but is gifted as a medium, "if you believe in good, light and angels, and the Universe works in balance, how is it that you don't think evil and dark can be around." She said, "I just don't go there and I don't even entertain it." I have realized that they have blocked themselves from seeing or considering these things because their focus is only on the positive and looking at the good.

I had a different experience understand my gifts, and had to work through a lot of fear. Very early on I accepted that if there was good, then there could be bad. As I started to develop and meditate, I began to realize that the Universe does work in balance, and even though it does not see things in terms of "good" or "bad," these things can feel very good or bad in our 3D world. I respect things for what they are. Because I have accepted this as a truth, I see both the good and the bad, even if it isn't pleasant. My defense is to set protection, and I do heed warnings (such as the "shush") when necessary.


24 May 2019

What is Death?


Here sat an old man dying of lung cancer. Sickly he made himself some soup. His house was a shack, with old metal chairs used by restaurants, and a used restaurant table that he got from his brother. Here was a man that use to have the most prestigious job running a huge mental hospital in the 1940s and 50s. Unlike his fellow doctors Sam believed that the mentally ill should live in a level of comfort, that they should be treated with respect and cared for, instead of being treated like a wild animal that needed a strong hand of control. Sam tried very hard to create an ideal place of compassion and kindness. However his ideas would not last as other doctors and administrative staff felt his ideas were too lofty. They turned against him, and though he fought long and hard to convince his bosses of a better way it only left him jobless, penniless, and sick. He thought about the handful of people he truly did save, contemplating whether his efforts where worth it..

As he brought the soup to the table he suddenly gasped for air, he begin to violently cough, the soup fell to the floor as he grabbed his chest with pain. He fell to the floor and began to turn blue, Sam struggled to reach the phone, but then as he got to his knees he bellowed over and died.

Then he began to float, at first hover over his own body, but then like a balloon with helium he floated higher and higher, up into the sky, each moment he accelerated faster and faster, soon he was high above the planet, he glared down at it in awe, he was leaving earth. Then he left the solar system as he crossed Pluto. It was in that moment he raced across the stars like light itself. There was a shutter of freedom that exploded inside of him. After a short time he stopped, surrounded by total blackness. In the darkness a small light appeared, then the light made beautiful swirls of light, all different colors, then the swirl became brighter and brighter, first small it begin to light up everything around it.

Sam felt like he was being pulled through a liquid, that felt magnetic. Then as if reaching another side he found himself in a completely different place. A massive space filled with light coming from the center. The light was a massive star, its size epic, the light was bright and slightly blue. Then a white and gold fire exploded out of it, the fire hit him, and in that brief moment as the fire engulfed him he felt love, kindness, joy, calm, peace, awe, exuberance, and most of all freedom all at once. A voiced roared and whispered all around him in an echo, “Welcome home.. I am so proud of you!” Sam realized at that moment he was in the presence of God. This light was God.

This place, where all things begin and end. This place where all life came from. The hub of the entire space and all the galaxies. The creator sat at the center, a star of unspeakable power. This wasn’t a being of all knowing but gave birth to knowledge. This wasn’t a being who mastered time and space but gave birth to it and in that brief moment Sam felt overwhelmed at the idea that this great force was talking to him, an infinitesimal ant sitting in front of this mega Sun. 

Then Sam’s life became a review that he saw in front of his eyes, all of his accomplishments, all of his failures, his struggles and his moments of triumph, circling around him. Then other lives also circled him, one by one, until he remembered everything, every last moment of his entire existence, spanning so many lives. His memory changed him into who he truly was, the man Sam was just one day among hundreds. 

Sam would surround himself with others that flew and floated around the great Star of life, this place of light and energy, it was energy and light that gave birth to all other things. As if God was energy, as if god was an element among all the other elements. A being of fire and lightning and light. All of them enjoyed each others company. All of them embracing each other with love and civility. This place, without violence, or cruelty, without hate or despair, without sorrow or pain. A place so perfect, that perfection was gaged from it. He would sit for a great deal of time here. His time felt both brief and forever. But like all young souls he knew eventually he would return to living lives. But for now, it was time to rest, it was time to spend time at home, it was time to return to where it all began. In one moment he remembered the house, the soup, and realized all of his sacrifices he contemplated where actually worth it. Sam was with his creator, what could be greater than that?

“It is unfortunate that the one flaw in life is you are all bound to each other. The choices you make are not yours.. but everyone else’s”

Only the absolute worst humans are unwelcome in heaven. That sliver of humanity that is truly evil. For them a different fate is in store.

Jesus once described hell as a place like the city of Gehenna. Nothing could describe it more accurate. Most people took that to mean a fire and brimstone. You see Gehenna was the dumping ground for Israel, it’s where all the trash was sent, all the discarded items thrown, and burned. But from what I have learned it’s that discarded part that resonates. The notion that you are unworthy of being a part of what everyone else is a part of. That separation from all others, that feeling of exile, excommunication, of abandonment.

Once a dark person has crossed they quickly become bound to the location of their crimes. Perhaps its their house, their business, and sometimes the specific place of their crimes. Once there, they are bound to it, unable to leave it, unable to go anywhere else, stuck in one single spot, for hundreds upon hundreds of years. For a select few they are given the opportunity to right their wrongs, but most are simply stuck for a very long time.

During that time history plays in a loop, showing the individual his or her crimes, over and over. The soul watches every moment, forced to witness every single detail of their wrongs. Once it completes itself the time returns to the now, back to being alone, cut off, stuck in the same place of their crimes. They are so alone, so isolated, so cut off from all life. Their only comfort is their sins. Then when the heaven choose it, they try again, a new life given.

Contrary to what you might believe our creator has no wish to torture. This system has two specific purposes:

To filter out the wicked, allowing heaven and the afterlife to be a wonderful awesome place, free from crime, free from violence, free from pain. The afterlife is home, the real home. It goes to the heart of one of our main reasons we exist. To be a testing place so that your real self is known. This temporary place you live in now will end, your money, your race, your ethic background, your class, all of it will not be following you in the afterlife, just you, and the decisions you made. Remember that.

The second reason goes to life itself. We are here to learn, and that includes that most horrific, perverse, cruel individuals. Our creator will always be our teacher. For the despicable its being stuck in one room, alone, for hundreds of years, forced to watch their crimes over and over again.

No lakes of fire, no torture cells, no devil with a pitch fork. All of it is controlled by the heavens, their sentence long but not permanent. I can only say God is love, his very blood is love itself, it’s not in his nature to torture. But it is in his nature to teach.

One last note, the hell described mirrors what many of us call haunted houses. It describes those supernatural residents a small handful of us have witnessed. But unlike those Spiritualist who ask the wandering Spirit to cross over into the light to find peace, I would argue it was the light that put them there, and they are going nowhere but in the hell of their own making.

Note: You might be wondering who falls under the banner of pure evil. What degree is that sliver of evil. I had a visual of a man reaching from a hole in the ground, the hole was deep but very narrow. There was very little light that reached the hole as he reached for help out of it. He just could not watch the crimes he committed anymore. His face was shallow and sickly. Who is it Spirit? Josef Mengele. For a soul to be separated from heaven, from everyone else, its important to understand the degree of their crimes. 

You might wonder what about those people that fall in the grey category. Those who have committed horrible crimes but aren’t that sliver of evil. I would remind you of Truth.

Back in my 20s someone once asked me; ‘do we live by fate, by chance, by choice’ I quickly answered ‘I believe we live by choice, that we choose our own destiny’. The next day the Spirits corrected me with this Truth:

Spirit explained that yes its true, we make our fate with the choices we commit to. However the past is a shadow we cannot shake, it shackles us, and dictates our present and our future. They explained they were talking about lives upon lives of choices that were made. Every choice must be paid in full. Everyone pays, everyone. Who we were makes who we will become. In this truth I want to show the negative side of that shadow. In the next truth I will share a positive position.

I had a visual of a King from the 17th Century whose greed was epic. Nothing else matter to him then hoarding his opulence while the people of the country suffered under poverty. Thousands upon thousands were starving and the King did nothing to quell their suffering. It wouldn’t last as the people turned on him. Then the visual shifted to show a child born in what is now Cambodia, in his pre teens a massive plague struck the area, yet he became the sole survivor, without any help, the young man slowly starved to death. Then another life, this time he was in the new country, excited to try his hand at the opportunity to make his own money, but at every turn he failed. He would become a beggar and would die of consumption alone in his early twenties. Then they showed a rich man who lived in present day, but he again hoarded the money he had, unwilling to share it with his relatives. He lost all of his money and found himself as a peddler on the streets. His mind was slowly escaping him, schizophrenia started to take over. The visual ended with Spirit showing the King sitting in a dark place with one candle left and then Spirit blew out the candle and their was darkness.

Spirit explained that Karma was never a punishment but a tool used to teach. They never acted in revenge, but used karma as a tool for teaching. It’s truly important to understand the vicious cycle here. One man caused the unnecessary pain and suffering of thousands, then he became the product of the pain he created.

“Everyone pays.. everyone has a shadow that hold their debts.. and those debts determine your next step.” Spirit said.

“It is an unfortunate reality that you are all bound to each other.. You are bound to your past.. it dictates who you are and where you are going next” Another Spirit said.

“You live in an endless school its best you learn from your mistake and move on. Be noble, be good because God knows your failings and waits.” The final Spirit said


10 May 2019

The Horrifying Buruli Ulcer

Buruli ulcer cases across the state of Victoria, Australia, have rapidly increased, leaving researchers stumped. More than 380 cases of the ulcer were reported last year, with the majority of cases linked to the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne’s CBD. Symptoms of the condition are confronting, with the ulcer ‘eating’ human flesh and leaving the infected person with a gaping skin lesion. The Buruli ulcer can lead to permanent disfigurement if untreated.

What is the Buruli Ulcer?
Buruli ulcer is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans. The initial trauma can be a mild skin wound such as scratch. The early stage of the infection is characterised by a painless nodule or area of swelling. This nodule can turn into an ulcer. The ulcer may be larger inside than at the surface of the skin, and can be surrounded by swelling. As the disease worsens, bone can be infected. Buruli ulcers most commonly affect the arms or legs; fever is uncommon. Mycobacterium ulcerans releases a toxin known as mycolactone, which decreases immune system function and results in tissue death. Bacteria from the same group also cause tuberculosis and leprosy.  How the disease is spread is not known. Sources of water may be involved in the spread, but no specific activities that bring people into contact with water have been identified (i.e. fetching of water, fishing, rice farming, washing, bathing, etc.). The mode of transmission of Buruli ulcer is not entirely known. As of 2019 there is no effective vaccine.

The infection occurs in well-defined areas throughout the world, mostly tropical areas — in several areas in Australia, in Uganda, in several countries in West Africa, in Central and South America, in southeast Asia and New Guinea. It is steadily rising as a serious disease, especially in West Africa and underdeveloped countries, where it is the third leading cause of mycobacterial infection in healthy people, after tuberculosis and leprosy. The disease is more likely to occur where there have been environmental changes such as the development of water storages, sand mining, and irrigation. 

The disease also occurs in animals other than humans, though no link between animal and human infection has been established

In Australia it is also known as Bairnsdale ulcer or Daintree ulcer. Other names include Searls ulcer,  Kumusi ulcer, and mycoburuli ulcers.

Treatment for Buruli Ulcer
There is no specific vaccine for Myocobacterium ulcerans. The Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine may offer temporary protection.

Tips for stopping the Buruli ulcer :-
  • Avoid insect bites by using suitable insect repellents and long clothing, especially during the warmer months or high mosquito activity;
  • Protect cuts or abrasions with sticking plasters;
  • Promptly wash and cover any scratches or cuts received while working outdoors;
  • Seeing your doctor if you have a persistent skin lesion and mention the possibility of Buruli ulcer.
A Psychic's  view of Buruli ulcer
When I tune into this, I see the "Poison" symbol. I get this is caused by some kind of toxic "dumping" that breeches into water sources and creates mutated bacteria that is resistant to most methods of treatment. (Find what is disposed where, and cross reference this to determine the true source). This bacteria is ingested either directly via the water or indirectly by food sources that are contaminated by the water. 

When I look at how to rid yourself of the bacteria (I need to disclose that I am not a doctor, this is what I see intuitively) I get a fast (the amount of time varies with your weight and should be done under medical supervision). A fast helps to starve the bacteria, kill it and strengthen your healthy cells. Throughout the fasting process you digestive system can pull it resources and aid your immune system to help it work in overdrive riding you of the toxic bacteria.

"My mother-in-law just had one of these, the doctors were useless, she was at the hospital every few day but they couldn't decide what caused it, they put her on all kinds of antibiotics but nothing helped, it even went gangrene, she almost lost her leg until we started her on 'colloidal silver', doctors were shocked because it fixed her leg within a week, this was over five months with the hospital treatment" - Fiona, Facebook

NOTE Images for this ulcer were considered too graphic to share.

26 April 2019

Behind the Schizophrenia

What is Schizophrenia?
I get people with schizophrenia live and experience multiple realities at the same time. The frustrating part for them is that each reality FEELS "real." It is as if they never can get peace because their minds are flooded with "chatter" on many different level. They see glimpses and hear voices of these other realities (or worlds).  People with schizophrenia do see things. Sometimes it is in their minds eye (still very real) and other times they manifest to wear their 3D eyes see them. I see this little girl having both experiences.  The real issue I see is that people with this challenge are very sensitive, intuitive and even psychic. The openness they express (with ease), allows many beings on all different levels and vibrations to come through. Beings on different levels want to be heard, and will rush a person that is open and willing to communicate with them. In many ways (and I need to state this is what comes through intuitively, I am not a doctor) people with this should be taught how to set spiritual protection to prevent these lower vibe beings from being able to come through. They need to learn is something is "bad" they can mentally command it to leave. They can also set boundaries allowing only high vibrational beings to be around.   Calming techniques, such as meditation, also looks to be very helpful. The goal would be to be at peace and feel in control of what people see and feel in their "other worlds." After they get in control, they can slowly learn how to incorporate both worlds.

Unfortunately there are many myths about schizophrenia. Persons with schizophrenia do not have “split personality” and are not prone to violence. Their illness is not caused by bad parenting and it is not a weakness of character. Their illness is due to biochemical disturbance of the brain. Approximately one third of those with a schizophrenic episode will never have symptoms again. Another one third will have periodic episodes, with periods of no symptoms in between. The last third require ongoing treatment. New medications and rehabilitation bring hope in managing this disease.

I understand that we do have people out there that are not stable and are mentally ill.That being said:
What if out of the 100% diagnosed with Schizophrenia, 10% – 20% were just becoming Sensitive (Psychic).What if another 2% – 5% were coming under some kind of Possession or Suppression?
Most of the symptoms we see labeled under Schizophrenia are also seen with Sensitives (Psychics) who have not learned to control how open they are , Or believe they are losing their minds, So in return avoiding others because they do not understand what’s happening to them. “Hallucinations-hearing and seeing things that only exist in the mind of the consumer.” This symptom here is experienced by most people who have started to become Sensitive (Psychic).  And what about this? “disconnected and confusing language, delusions-persistent false beliefs about something, e.g. that others are controlling their thoughts ..deterioration of appearance and personal hygiene -tendency to withdraw from others” Well I know I have heard this before in possession style cases. Now I’m not saying that all people with these symptoms are OK. I am saying that in my beliefs and from what I have seen, being in this field for as long as I have, I believe that some people (being a small amount of the total) have been wrongly diagnosed with an illness that science has named, when if fact that are not at all ill in a scientific way. 

It does make you want to sit back and think on this for a while. Part of being a schizophrenic is not knowing that you are. It’s like when non crazy people ask if they are crazy. You don’t ask that question if you are because part of being crazy or schizophrenic is believing you are absolutely capable of whatever fantasy you’re living in. there is such a stigma around psychics that people are terrified as being labeled as such so when they have something paranormal happen to them, they want to have (literally) a sanity check!

The difference between a schizophrenic and a psychic is like night and day

Schizophrenics are emotionally weak and not particularly emotionally intelligent. (Not very aware of, or savvy about their own emotions.) They tend to be inordinately focused on themselves and their problems to the exclusion of other people. A schizophrenic gives reality to some thoughts in their minds with no regard to actual reality. It is common for schizophrenics to spin wild tales of them being of tremendous importance in some way and they do this with no evidence to support it, except what they imagine. Some of them hallucinate. They will provide justifications for their inner stories if challenged. So the important part of this is that they have a break with reality.

Psychic people are always aware of what ordinary reality is and never break from it. They know the difference between what is in their minds and what is outside of them. In that sense they are quite normal and have no functional problems as members of society that aren’t common to many other non psychic people. Psychics are more aware of anomalous information than most people. They are more intuitive, sense emotions better and feel more deeply than is typical. Psychics are typically emotionally strong and have an unusually high emotional intelligence because their emotions are close to the surface and they have a strong connection to their own subconscious. They tend to be inordinately focused on other people and their problems to the detriment of their own issues.