19 February 2021

Old Mother Shipton's Prophecies

Known famously to us as Mother Shipton but many believed her real name was Ursula Sontheil in 1488. Very little is known about Ursula’s parents but local legend says she was born during a violent thunderstorm in a cave on the banks of the River Nidd in Knaresborough in the UK. Her mother, Agatha, was just fifteen years old when she gave birth, and despite being dragged before the local magistrate, she would not reveal who the father was.Agatha raised Ursula by herself in a cave on her own for two years.

It’s said that, Abbott of Beverley took pity on them and a local family took Ursula in. Agatha was taken to a nunnery far away, where she died some years later and she never saw her daughter again.

Ursula appeared different from most of the other children growing up in Knaresborough at the time. It was said that her nose was large and crooked, her back bent and her legs twisted and because of her appearance, she was often tensed.Over the years, after much abuse from the locals, Ursula learnt that the best company to surround herself with was nature and just herself. She spent most of her days around the cave where she was born and studied the forest, the flowers and herbs and made remedies and potions with them.

When she was 24, it is said she met a man by the name of Tobias Shipton. He was a carpenter from the city of York. After only a few years of being together, Tobias died but Ursula always kept his second name. The mother nickname came as Ursula got older.Ursula lived a very long life and died in 1553, aged 73 years.

Her predictions.
Mother Shipton’s prophecies, didn’t appear documented anywhere until 1641, 80 years after her reported death.

It was said she predicted the great fire of London, the plague and the end of the world!It was a common occurrence for those in politics to use prophecies to predict future events and its said Old Mother Shipton ability was used to predict such things especially amoung uprisers against Henry VII.

Many of her written predictions were confirmed as forgeries, created to sell greater numbers of chapbooks and almanacs. Her 1684 “biographer” spun spooky details of her birth and existence; the 1881 end-of-the-world prophecy was debunked when the Victorian editor Charles Hindley publicly confessed to concocting the verses himself.

However, there is some evidence to back up the legend in the 1500s written by Henry VII. He speaks of a lady nicknamed ‘The York Witch’.Henry VIII, who wanted action taken against the rebels, dictated the following letter to Norfolk in response:

“We approve of your proceedings in the displaying of our banner, which being now spread, till it is closed again the course of our laws must give place to martial law; and before you close it up again, you must cause such dreadful execution upon a good number of inhabitants, hanging them on trees, quartering them, and setting their heads and quarters in every town, as shall be a fearful warning, whereby shall ensue the preservation of a great multitude… You shall send up to us the traitors Bigod, the friar of Knareborough, Leche, if he may be taken, the vicar of Penrith and Towneley, late chancellor to the bishop of Carlise, who has been a great promoter of these rebellions, the witch of York and one Dr. Pykering, a canon. You are to see to the lands and goods of such as shall now be attainted, that we may have them in safety, to be given, if we be so disposed, to those who have truly served us…”

Was Henry VII, referring to some women who acted outline as a witch or was he making reference to Old Mother Shipton?

Mother Shipton’s Full Prophecies 
Mother Shipton was reputedly born Ursula Sontheil in1488 in Norfolk, England, and was burned to death in 1561, after being accused of being a “witch” (a woman who performs evil religious practices). 

Her mother died when she was born, and a cave where she was born, became her home for much of her life, and is known today as “Mother Shipton’s Cave.” 

Mother Shipton exhibited prophetic and psychic abilities from an early age, and when she was 24 years old, she married a Mr. Toby Shipton, and eventually became known as “Mother Shipton.” Her prophecies were written in the form of verse (poetry), and came true within her own lifetime and in the centuries that followed. 

Whilst all prophecies are open to interpretation, Mother Shipton’s verses are easy to understand, and seem to have prophetic indications for our times, in view of recent world events. 

In approximately 1970 an Australian lady copied the verses and smuggled them out of the Mitchell Library in Sydney Australia; – (now the State Library of the State of New South Wales in Australia.) The originals were kept in a locked room, along with many other volumes of prophetic writings, which the government deemed, (considered) as unsuitable for the general public to read.

The Main Prophetic Prophecies
1. A carriage without horse will go Disaster fill the world with woe (Sadness), In London, Primrose Hill Shall be in centre hold a Bishop’s See (Meeting Place). 

2. Around the world men’s thoughts will fly Quick as the twinkling (blinking) of an eye (Internet) And water shall great wonders (Work) do how strange. And yet it shall come true. 

3. Through towering hills proud men shall ride No horse or ass move by his side. Beneath the water men shall walk (Undersea Divers) shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk. And in the air men shall be seen in white and black, and even green (Men in Flying Suits or Aliens?). 

4. A great man then shall come and go (US President JF Kennedy?) For prophecy (prediction) declares it so 

5. In water iron then shall float as easy as a wooden boat, Gold shall be seen in stream and stone in land that is yet unknown (America or Australia?). 

6. And England shall admit a Jew You think this strange, but it is true. The Jew that once was held in scorn (disrespect) Shall of a Christian then be born. 

7. A house of glass shall come to pass [Great Exhibition Building in London in England], But alas, alas, A war will follow with the work Where dwells the Pagan and the Turk. 

8. These states will lock in fiercest strife (war) and seek to take each others life. When north shall thus divide the south (American Civil War) And Eagle build in Lion’s mouth (American War of Independence against England) Then tax and blood and cruel war shall come to every humble door 

9. Three times shall lovely sunny France Be led to play a bloody dance Before the people shall be free Three tyrant (dictator) rulers shall she see. 

10. Three rulers in succession be then when the fiercest strife (war) is done each springs from different dynasty (ruling family). England and France shall be as one (European Union?) 

11. The British olive (UK) then next then twine in marriage with a German vine (Germany). Men walk beneath and over streams Fulfilled shall be their wondrous (wonderful) dreams. 

12. Women shall adopt a craze (custom) to dress like men, and trousers wear And to cut off their locks of hair (long hair). They’ll ride astride with brazen (ugly) brow (Motorcycle Helmets) as witches do on broomstick now (Motorcycle Riders). 

13. And roaring monsters with man atop (Vegetable Harvesters) does seem to eat the verdant (ripened) crop. And men shall fly as birds do now, and give away the horse and plough. 

14. There’ll be a sign for all to see be sure that it will certain be, Then love shall die and marriage cease and nations wane (cease) as babes (children) decrease. And wives shall fondle (play with) cats and dogs and men live much the same as hogs (pigs) —— (The Result of Divorce Court Laws in Western Societies) 

15. In nineteen hundred and twenty six (1926) Build houses light of straw and sticks (wooden houses with thatched straw roofs) For then shall mighty wars be planned and fire and sword (destruction & war) shall sweep the land. 

16. When pictures seem alive with movements free (TV, Etc). When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea (Submarines). When men like birds shall scour the sky (Air Warfare). Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die 

17. For those who live the century through (Year 2000?). In fear and trembling this shall do. Flee to the mountains and the dens (caves) to bog (swamps) and forest and wild fens (valleys). 

18. For storms will rage and oceans roar When “Gabriel” (one of four angels, who guard the world), Stands on sea and shore And as he blows his wondrous horn Old worlds die and new be born. 

19. A fiery Dragon (comet or meteor ?) will cross the sky Six times before this Earth shall die Mankind will tremble and frightened be For the sixth heralds (stories) in this prophecy. 

20. For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken (normal level) To bite away the shores, and then The Mountains will begin to roar (volcanos) and earthquakes split the plain to shore. 

21. And flooding waters rushing in Will flood the lands with such a din (loud noise) That mankind cowers (hides) in muddy fen (valley) And snarls (growls) about his fellow men. 

22. He bares his teeth and fights and kills And secrets (hides) food in secret (hidden) hills And ugly (violent) in his fear he lies To kill marauders (invaders), thieves and spies. 

23. Man flees in terror from the floods And kills and rapes and lies in blood And spilling blood by mankind’s hands Will stain and bitter (cause hatred) many lands. 

24. And when the Dragon’s tail (comet or meteor?) is gone Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on To apply himself - too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate. 

25. His masked smile, his false grandeur (pride) Will serve the Gods their anger stir (make them angry). And they will send the Dragon (comet or meteor ?) back To light the sky - his tail will crack (make a loud, sharp noise) Upon the Earth and rend (break open) the Earth And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf (poor farm labourer). 

26. But slowly they are routed (pushed) out To seek diminished water spout (flowing water) And men will die of thirst before The oceans rise to mount (cover) the shore. And lands will crack and rend anew (break open again) You think it strange. It will come true. 

27. And in some far off distant land Some men - oh such a tiny band (group) Will have to leave their solid mount (strong mountain) And span (cover) the Earth, those few to count. 

28. Who survives this [UNREADABLE] - disaster? - and then begin the human race again. But not on land already there But on ocean beds, stark (unattractive), dry and bare. 

29. Not every soul (human-being) on Earth will die As the Dragon’s tail (comet or meteor?) goes sweeping by. Not every land on Earth will sink But these will wallow in stench and stink (very bad smells) Of rotting bodies of beast (animals) and man Of vegetation crisped (burnt) on land 

30. But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free Of mankind’s dirt (pollution) and therefore be The source of man’s new dynasty (new Nation or civilisation) And those that live will ever fear The Dragon’s tail (comet or meteor?) for many a year But time erases memory You think it strange. But it will be. 

31. And before the race is built anew A silver serpent (space ship?) comes to view And spews out men of like unknown [Aliens] To mingle (mix) with the Earth now grown Cold from its heat, and these men can Enlighten (teach) the minds of future man To intermingle (mix with) and show them how To live and love and thus endow (pass on) The children with a second sight (psychic powers). A natural thing so that they might Grow graceful, humble, and when they do The Golden Age will start anew. 

32. The Dragon’s tail (comet or meteor?) is but a sign For mankind’s fall and man’s decline. And before this prophecy (prediction) is done I shall be burned at the stake (pole fixed in the ground), at one (13.00 hours) My body singed (slightly burnt) and my soul set free You think I utter blasphemy (swearing or evil statements) You’re wrong. These things have come to pass This prophecy (predictions) will come to be. 

The Following Verse Were Found On A Scroll In A Separate Jar 
They appear to have been written at the same time as the other versus; 

1. The signs will be there for all to read; when man shall do most heinous deed (savage acts). Man will ruin kinder (children’s) lives; by taking them as to their wives. And murder foul (terrible) and brutal deed; When man will only think of greed. And man shall walk as if asleep; He does not look - he may not peep (see). And iron men (robots) the tail (work) shall do; And iron cart and carriage too 

2. The Kings shall false promise make; And talk just for talking’s sake (talk for nothing) And nations plan horrific war; The like as never seen before And taxes rise and lively down (living standards); And nations wear perpetual frown (continual sadness). 

3. And Christian one fights Christian two (Ireland); And nations sigh (complain), but nothing do And yellow men (China) great power gain; From mighty bear (Russia) with whom they’ve lain. These mighty tyrants (dictators) will fail to do; They fail to split the world in two. But from their acts a danger bred; An ague (sickness), leaving many dead. And physics (doctors) find no remedy; For this is worse than leprosy (AIDS?). Oh many signs for all to see; The truth of this true prophecy. 

4. Yet greater signs there be to see; As man nears latter (later) century. Three sleeping mountains gather breath (volcanoes); And spew out mud, and ice, and death. And earthquakes swallow town and town; In lands as yet to me unknown (America or Australia?).

These Verses Were On The Outer Wrapping Of The Scrolls
1. I know I go, I know I’m free I know that this will come to be. Secreted (hidden), for this will be Found by later dynasty (generations). 

2. A dairy maid (farm girl), a bonny (pretty) lass Shall kick this tome (rolls of paper) as she does pass And five generations she shall breed (shall pass). Before one male child does learn to read. 

3. This is then held year by year Till an iron monster trembling fear (paper shredder or garbage compactor) Eats parchment, words and quill (pen) and ink And mankind is given time to think. 

4.. And only when this comes to be Will mankind read this prophecy But one man’s sweet’s (good luck) another’s bain (bad luck) So I shall not have died in vain (for nothing). 

SIGNED: Mother Shipton

Note: Enclosed words the editor’s additions and/or notes of explanation because this was written over 500-years ago in the “Old English” language. 

Original source for 'Mother Shipton's Full Prophecies' has been lost

13 February 2021

We pray for lost and missing pets

Pray for Lost and Missing Pets
When we have a pet missing our lives are upside down. We follow the usual steps to find them but end up with bone crushing disappointment. Inevitably we seek help from a higher source.

"Every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine."
- Psalm 50

We Pray
"Blessed are you, Lord God, for all living creatures you have made. You keep them in your care and not one of them is lost without you knowing. They glorify you, each in its own way, and speak to us of your beauty and love. Bless them and keep them from harm. They unquestionably accept their place in the rhythm of your creation. May we respect them and cherish them for they are your gift to us; through them may we come to know you better and praise you, their Creator. Blessed be the love and joy that they bring to us. Amen.
Holy God, we pray for our pet who is lost. Guard her from all fear and bring her in safety to this day's end, whether it be with her family on earth, or in heaven. Grant peace and comfort to her human family as they face the unknown in the days ahead. Amen."


5 February 2021

Mysterious Animal Deaths Spirit of Tasmania


Many years of controversial animal deaths on board the ship Spirit of Tasmania has culminated in the calls for an investigation.

WARNING - Distressing information.

Missing Dog 2021

Last night I was on the spirit of Tasmania coming from Tasmania. I had put my dog in a kennel and checked it twice to make sure that the door was shut. I was woken up at midnight to one of the security guards telling me that she had escaped and that had been trying to get her but had no luck. They would only let me look for an hour and I waited in the bar as they kept looking. They couldn’t find her, they didn’t raise any alarms when they were trying to get people to disembark or check their cars as they seem to think that she might of jumped in the Utes or trailers. I was there up until midday refusing to leave as they said she just vanished they check their limited cameras that they had on the dock/boat they don’t have cameras facing the kennels. I’m hoping someone has found her and that she is in the pound but I won’t know until tomorrow. We were moving from Tasmania to tweed heads and she is my best friend and I just want her back. Not knowing if she’s Dead or alive is killing me. Please help

The woman desperately searching for her pet dog after it escaped from a kennel while travelling to Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania says the unknown is destroying her.

"Not knowing if she's dead or alive is killing me. Please help," she said in an emotional Facebook post.
Holly Alexander checked on Ester, her Doberman and Rottweiler cross, twice to make sure the kennel door was shut while travelling on the ship. Ms Alexander was woken by security guards telling her Ester had ran off.
"I was woken up at midnight to one of the security guards telling me that she had escaped and that had been trying to get her but had no luck," her Facebook post reads.They would only let me look for an hour and I waited in the bar as they kept looking. They couldn't find her, they didn't raise any alarms when they were trying to get people to disembark or check their cars as they seemed to think that she might have jumped in the utes or trailers.

Death of Dog 2019

A man who says his dog died during an overnight trip on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry is calling for an overhaul of the conditions animals are held in during the 12-hour crossing of Bass Strait. But he claims the 93-kilogram South African mastiff died during the 12-hour journey.South Australian Marcus Lehmann took his best mate Mook on the Spirit of Tasmania as part of a permanent move to the state.
Pets are required to travel in the ferry's kennels and owners are not allowed to access the kennels during sailing. Mr Lehmann said he was told that staff noted the 14-month-old dog was struggling earlier in the night. Mr Lehmann said he was informed of the dog's death when the ferry docked in Devonport the next morning.
"At 8:30pm it was noted [by crew] he was struggling, and I was not notified and at 11:00pm he was deceased," he said. I think he suffocated, he had skin off his nose, off his head, off his feet, he tried really hard to save himself. It was horrific. They wrapped him in the sheet, threw him in the back [of Mr Lehmann's vehicle], said sorry, and let me go. This is Australia, this is Tasmania with my dead dog."
Mr Lehmann said conditions needed to change for animal welfare during the 12-hour Bass Strait crossing. They need to have been in an air-conditioned area, and they need to have somebody watching them 24/7. I would guess they're not allowed to have staff down there for any length of time because it kills [people], and then they go and put your bloody pets down there.

Death of Ponies 2018

The owner of six polo ponies that allegedly died during a Bass Strait crossing on the TT-Line's Spirit of Tasmania said he had seen the autopsy report and blamed the ferry service for their deaths. Australian agribusiness multi-millionaire Johnny Kahlbetzer owned six of the 13 horses that died in January while, it is alleged, travelling from Devonport to Melbourne. Mr Kahlbetzer said he and the owner of the other dead ponies, former Australian polo team captain Andrew Williams, arranged for autopsies to be done.

The pair, along with Mr Williams' wife Rebecca, are suing TT-Line and logistics company QUBE for negligence over the horses' deaths, alleging the companies failed to provide a safe environment, adequate checks and air flow. Mr Kahlbetzer said he and Mr Williams commissioned the autopsy and said the horses suffocated.

"We delivered the horses to the vets, who did that autopsy, etc — that's how I've seen it," he said. It's all in technical terms, and part of our legal case, but basically they died of lack of oxygen."

The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries (DPIPWE) has repeatedly refused to release the autopsy report, saying it was part of their ongoing investigation. The ponies, valued at almost $650,000, died in the horse float driven by Mr Williams.
"It's irrelevant if it's a $20 cat from the pound or if it's a bloody million-dollar race horse," Mr Kahlbetzer said. You're not allowed to let animals out of your car or truck or whatever, you can't go and visit them whilst you're on the ferry, so it's totally the responsibility of the ferry to provide a safe environment, and they're not doing it on an everyday basis. These aren't the first animals that have ever died on that ferry, and there's obviously something that occurs at times on that ferry which is causing animals to die on them, so they need to have a really good look at their systems and improve them.

Reoccurring Deaths

Deaths have occurred as far back as 2011 when the Spirit of Tasmania made an attempt to explain away the deaths of two dogs. Christine White's dogs had been sleeping in her four-wheel-drive for the Friday night journey across Bass Strait from Melbourne to Devonport, but when she checked on them early Saturday morning, she found two of the three had died. Dharma, aged 10, and younger brother Trek were dog-show veterans and were reportedly in good health at the time of the trip. Dharma had had a leg amputated this year because of cancer, but had continued to perform well in shows. Another of Ms White's Rottweilers, Phoenix, also sleeping in the vehicle, survived. Ms White told 3AW her dogs had previously slept in her car on two trips to Tasmania without incident, but on this occasion staff had requested her car be moved to a higher deck than the one pets are usually kept on. Ms White said vehicles accommodating pets were usually kept on a lower deck ''in an area that is well-ventilated''. She said she voiced concerns but was told by staff: ''It doesn't matter, you will be fine up here.''

Ms White said three vets had assessed the dead dogs in Tasmania. Their opinion at this stage … is that they've died of carbon monoxide poisoning. I think because we were on a higher level, all the fumes have gone up to the top. Passengers are not permitted, for ''safety reasons'', to go to the vehicle decks to check on their animals en route. Instead, the website states that crew ''perform regular checks on pets during the crossing".

STATEMENT by Spirit of Tasmania

Hi everyone. We do very much appreciate your comments regarding the recent tragic death of the two dogs. The cause of death remains unknown. There have been some reports suggesting the dogs died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning; however there is no evidence to support these reports and we are strongly refuting these claims. The vehicle decks of Spirit of Tasmania are regularly checked by a third party provider against Australian Standards for atmospheric pollutants and we have never failed any of these regular checks. Further, the incident on Friday night occurred on vehicle deck 6. Vehicle deck 6 is a hanging deck contained within vehicle deck 5. While all of Spirit of Tasmania’s vehicle decks remain ventilated while the vessel is at sea, vehicle deck 5 and 6 are not enclosed decks - they are both open to the air. Both decks are designed with an opening at the stern of the vessel. We carry more than 12,000 domestic pets per annum. This number does not include horses and other livestock. The transportation of these animals is on vehicle deck 3, 5 and 6.

Ship of Death
Ship of Death


22 January 2021

Devil Dog

Tommy with palisade in the background
I grew up in a small village in rural NSW, Australia. Sometimes I would hear a strange howling through the night, it would set off the dogs in the village and they would all bark frantically at whatever was howling. It was a spooky sound and really freaked me out. It was not a dog, not a fox, or a dingo. 

Fast forward to 2000. I was a married woman living in the same house with my husband and kids. We had two dogs and four cats. In the early a.m. hours I was woken by a frantic cat fight outside our bedroom window on the veranda. 

The veranda was enclosed by a waist high palisade. Sometimes our cats would sleep on the old couch out there. I thought nothing of the cat fight but my husband jumped out of bed and raced outside. He saw a huge dog trotting off down the road with our cat Tommy hanging from its mouth. Tommy looked to be dead. He wasn't moving. 

He ran after the dog, throwing stones and rocks at it. Lucky he was a good shot, what would I have done if it were me trying to save Tommy. The dog dropped the cat and trotted away unconcerned. It was a big animal with spots on its rear end, but it wasn't a Dalmatian or any recognizable breed. We asked around, no one in the town knew of a dog matching that description. It appeared to have simply entered town from one direction and left town by the other direction, passing our house in the night , and looking over the palisade to see a sleeping cat, probably an easy dinner.

How big does a dog need to be to pick up a good size male cat, have it fight for its life while gripped in its mouth and then jump the fence with ease? Typical dogs will shake a cat and kill it within seconds. This was not a typical dog.

My husband sadly approached the body of Tommy. Thankfully he was alive, he was breathing. He was OK. Suffering shock and very afraid. No blood,  he wasn't injured. 

I never again ignored the sound of a cat fight. And after that the cats were safely kept inside at night. Only for my husband we would have woken the  next day to find one of our cats inexplicably missing. 

We never saw the devil dog again. 

8 January 2021

Psychic Predictions

Climate and earth: Around 2026-8, the American Heartland will face drought as the aquifer that has watered this breadbasket for centuries runs dry. These changes will cause major changes in how we live and think. Heat will begin surging during this decade and by 2030, everyone on this earth will know we are in a climate crisis. In the late 2020’s millions will begin migrating north. In the 2030’s and 40’s people who can afford to travel will chase winter the way they now chase summer, going to the Southern Hemisphere when it is winter there and returning to the northern hemisphere when it is winter there. People with foresight will buy large tracts of arable land in Canada and set up cluster living around the farms. Families will live in tiny homes on the properties, and gather together in some form of cooperative living.
- Psychic, Jeanne Mayell

If Trump is not re-elected in 2020 due to fraud with the Dominion ballot machines and ballot counting in certain states, I foresee that Biden will not last as President through 2024--it might be impeachment for his dealings in China with his son Hunter, death, or he resigns in disgrace. He will go down in history, not Trump, as the worst President ever. Trump should have won if the election had been fair! I know that all the Southern states would have voted for Trump because he is Pro-Life, while Biden and Harris are Pro-Choice. 
- Psychic, Betsey Lewis

The Federal Government switching leaders to someone from within the same party in 2021. This big change will come after a “rogue” person steps out to reveal something important to the public. I really also feel like around April next year there’s going to be like a rogue person that spills the beans. I think someone’s going to come out and go rogue, tell the public a lot more about what we didn’t know. 
- Psychic, Linda Willow Roberts 

I hear the phrase "The scandal of the century is about to unfold." I get an image of people sitting around a TV, glued to the news. It doesn't feel tied to just the United States either, there is something big coming about tied to the politics. It feels more than just the start of the 2020 election, it is something that I feel really leaves a mark and changes the reality of many people (involving or effecting leaders or several different countries). It is as if the swamp really starts to drain (rather than wishing and hoping, it starts to happen), and the people and spiderweb is made public. My impression is the sealed indictments start to surface, and the magnitude will be shocking. It will extend way beyond certain "Foundations."
- Psychic, Lynn, Psychic Focus 

Donald Trump's rise to power after the lost election. After the chaos surrounding the US's 2020 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden will go ahead and assume office in the White House. But this will not be the last we hear of Donald Trump - quite the opposite, the Republicans will expose some evidence of electoral fraud but not enough to swing the election's results. Mr Trump will meanwhile find newfound glory as a "messianic" figure of sorts. Trump will put up a ferocious battle. He will take things to the high court but will not succeed. Cheating is revealed but not enough evidence to call for a new election. The challenges will continue in 2021. Trump TV will be launched and will quickly become popular. A deal will be done with Fox TV to screen Trump TV shows. Mr Trump will then supposedly take on a much bigger interest in religion. He will become a more powerful voice than President Biden and will still wield power through the media.
- Psychic, Craig Hamilton Parker

Psychic Eric Leigh-Pink says Dan Crenshaw is in his sight for Americas future president. 
  • My hats off to you Mr Crenshaw and the integrity of the moment, you are on my short list for being the “Military one”.
  • I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now.' 'Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president.' 
  • There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty. The military one will hold his seat longer than normal. I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of nowhere he rose to be president. I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him. - 30 Sept 2020 
  • With doubt you ensure chaos. The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs. The light on them is too bright, their actions become overly obvious. Spirit who will be president!? I had a visual, I was looking down at a rose garden. Then I saw the shadow of a figure form, a military figure.
- Psychic Eric Leigh-Pink

24 December 2020

Saved by THE WORD

I thought it my duty to give my account of how Jesus came to my rescue. 

The First Time
The first time I was 16 years old and had been picked up by a trucker while hitchhiking. 

To make a long story short, it was late and dark in Southern California and this man tried to kill me. He pulled me into the back bunk from behind and started to strangle me. I tried to fight him but he was much stronger so I’d say “OK, OK whatever you want” and as soon as he relaxed I would start fighting again. After several rounds of this he began to strangle me again and overtake me. 

I then realised that I was going to die this way and I thought I am way to young to die. I then remembered that I learned in church there is power in Jesus name so immediately, and with total belief I yelled out "in Jesus name!" I felt a power surge well within me as I said the words and immediately an unseen force pulled this man off of me and held him back with his arms in the air. I sat up and looked at him momentarily, then jumped down from the cab of the truck, tried to open the door (it was locked), struggled to find the lock, unlocked the door and jumped down out of the semi-truck. I ran to a gas station and they called the police. That was the first time I experienced an absolute miracle that can not be explained away to any other explanation. 

The Second Time
The second time was years later, I guess I was about 33 at the time. I awoke in the middle of the night. I immediately was fearful and sensed two dark beings at the end of my bed. The room had the most putrid odor I had ever smelled, I can only describe it as the smell of pure evil. I tried to scream for my husband but my mouth would not move and I was paralyzed. I then heard (telepathically) one being say to the other "What do you want to do to her?" Since I heard them I figured they could hear me so I thought to them "You have no right to be here, I am a child of Jesus." Immediately they were gone and I fell back to sleep. Several weeks later I again woke paralyzed and there was one being in my room (this one I sensed was younger and was just watching me) anyhow, I just said in my mind “Jesus make it go away” several times and it was gone. 

During that time of those visitations I had many other odd things happen, waking to buzzing noises, bed shaking, I even saw a UFO outside my window and my daughter saw it at the same time. She saw some dark figures in her room, before going to sleep one night. After these incidents had happened I was cleaning her closet one day and found a Ouija board in her closet that her friend had brought over and left. I ripped it up and threw it away. I wonder if that was the reason for all of the happenings, as I had never had ANYTHING strange happen before that time period, and have not since. 

Glory to the power of Jesus! You have my permission to post this. - Heather

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12 December 2020

Lynn's Life Detective

Elizabeth I of England 
"Something feels really dark and there’s some heavy energy about Elizabeth. When I focus on her I see that in the ‘royal’ lineages, all those folks keep reincarnating within the same lines over and over, so they always keep close to the thrones, to the threads of power. When we die, we’re faced with choices. We can hang-out, we can go visit places or people, we can learn, or... we can go down a light tunnel and have our minds wiped. The reptilians control this light tunnel. They create this illusion of a loved one and hope and lure you down the light tunnel with it, trapping you in this 3d (third-density) world. Part of what the reptilians [aka, arch*ns, heretofore known as “ircons" because they irk] do is route who-goes-where, esp in terms of the lower vibe people. And they actively want to propagate this dark monarchy. And… the current queen... really feels like THIS queen! She is QEII, now. Ugh, she feels very 3d, feels very stuck in the 3d. You can resist the light tunnel if you want to… and she doesn’t want to. She’s going to be part of a creepy 3d loop for a really long time. I see the 3d existence lasting a lot longer than people think.”

Phillip II of Spain
“I get that he incarnated as Prince Charles! Behind the scenes, there is always something about Charles trying to prove himself to QEII, but he’s never good enough for her… and it’s because of this past karmatic history! In this life they're here to work this out… but they’ve not worked through it and they won’t for a long while. Marrying Lady Diana was more of a rebellious thing that he did. He tries to do things to win QEII over, but she’s very stuck in her long-held beliefs. She has a very low vibe feeling to her. They’re going to continue to incarnate into this low-vibe rondo until they work this out on their 3d path."

Edward Teach (aka, Blackbeard the Pirate)
 “I get that he incarnated after this lifetime into... some kind of English poet at a university… around 1800s. Oxford? He was some kind of literary genius. He went from badass pirate to intriguing poet. Who is he now? I see him having to live out this barbaric part of himself but then moving on to a very intellectual path. He’s moving more into scientific roles in the future, something even more intellectual. I couldn't tell which poet and it's driving me crazy. I can't seem to get a name. Just the visual of a lot of red-and-black plaid.This 'ircon tunnel-of-light' thing opens up a huge can of worms. Was Edward Teach/Blackbeard then INTENTIONALLY sent by the ircons *into the literary world* to force things a certain way/disrupt things? Yes, I think it was ircon driven, and then guide-assisted to get a fuller lesson of learning; our guides still help us and want us to evolve, despite the circumstances. Just because an ircon sends you here doesn't mean your guides want you to stay here. Our guides will still help regardless of the density you end up in.”

Hunter S. Thompson
 “He looks like he’s going to come back a very hard-core military man, dedicated to serving his country. 100% committed, totally decorated. But the experiences he’ll have will take a mental toll. He’ll snap and be discharged for mental instability and spend his later adulthood dealing with the things he saw while serving in the military. He’s all about courage and bravery in this next lifetime."

Prince William and Prince George 
“Let’s look at William first. I feel like there’s something really transitional in William. He’s not the traditional monarchy guy. It’s the Diana in him. He’s not as intently into all the negative ritualistic stuff. I don’t see him doing any of that. He *will* become king, but it will be much later in life… and he won’t stay king for very long. He’ll either renounce the throne or something like that. He’s going to break the ircon monarchy loop. After this life, he’ll still go into the light [trap], but he'll be rejected 'cause he doesn’t fit the irconic plans. He’s gonna make the 4d jump with Diana. As for George… he’s never going to be king, but it’s no big deal. It’s like Diana in spirit is something protecting her boys and grandkids from all the darkness in the monarchy. Some strange thing will happen and there will be a very abbreviated term for William as King, but when they all cross over in spirit, Diana is going to take them to 4d."

Prince Andrew
“Ugh, so creepy. Reptilian connection to all these guys. When he passes he’s not going to reincarnate for a loooong time. Something about him… the ircons won’t let him come back in and that’s so strange. I see him in spirit and they won’t let him go into the 3d light tunnel. He’s kinda tortured in spirit. That one’s really weird."

Jeffrey Epstein
“Ew! Even creepier. He’s coming back to 3d, but not soon. I see him and he looks like a little girl in an orphanage in his next life, somewhere in China or SE Asia. He’s desperate for love in a sterile, overpopulated orphanage, emotionally neglected. Karma city. His life is totally devoid of all personal connections. A very sad life.”

Jared Kushner
“He’s very 3d, too. I hear something about him coming back as a 'snobby prince.' He’ll incarnate into wealth (again), into a life only about money and deals. A very superficial materialistic 3d life around 2100. Ick." 

Marie Curie 
"I get that even after she passed away, she always had some kind of religious affiliation to her. In her next life, she comes back as a Greek Orthodox nun in Central Europe. She has this very giving, nurturing feeling of wanting to serve SOURCE, very selfless. She feels *very* high vibe. She’ll be 4d next.”